I am an advisor to startups and scaleups, especially those that want to expand globally.

Our GoGlobal team is located in Turkey, Dubai, Israel, Europe and the US.

Through our diverse networks we help startups grow by connecting them with access to capital, access to markets, and access to strategic partnerships.

The startups we advise are early stage growth companies who are working on gaining traction so they can get to their Series A round of funding.

For scaleups, we typically work with companies who have good traction in one region and are looking to expand to new markets.

As an advisor, I use these elements of my background and experience:

  • My education in psychology: how people behave, how they are motivated, how they are influenced
  • My experience in database design: how systems are designed, organized and implemented
  • My experience in building online businesses: starting from scratch, setting up operations, developing markets
  • My coaching expertise: questioning assumptions, setting higher goals, focusing on objectives
  • My experience as an American in Turkey: understanding different cultures, building diverse networks
  • and more …

GoGlobal has a number of initiatives to support local and global ecosystems. These include:

  • The GoGlobal Advisory Service – helping startups go from Seed Funding to Series A
  • The GoGlobal Business Matchmaking Service – helping connect startups with investors and/or strategic business partners
  • The GoGlobal Mastermind Program – a system of engagement for funds, accelerators and serial investors to help improve the success rates of startup cohorts
  • The GoGlobal Community Development Program – events designed to bring ecosystems together including informal talks, university lectures, investor exchanges, media outreach

To learn more, contact me for a consultation.