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“Tara’s been my mentor for over 2 years. She is a very good friend for me as it has made a great contribution to my learning and application of business and market penetration processes. She helped me not only on current business problems but also on prioritization, goal setting and resolution of personal disputes. She supported me consistently on many issues outside the boundaries that the program assigned her.” – Can Dörtkardeşler, Cofounder, Udentify



“I had a really great experience working with Tara. She was my mentor on Sente Link’s program I participated in, so we had several sessions that really opened my mind and made me think more about certain aspects of my business idea. We went into many details of my idea, what is actually the problem I am trying to solve and whether my solution is a good fit for solving that problem. Besides the mentoring sessions, she gave her best to connect me with some other people from her network, although that was not her obligation within the program, and I really appreciate that “out of the box” acting.” – Branko Vasiljevic, Cofounder at Meerkiddo & Business Developer at DVC Solutions Ltd.


“I could not be in better hands than with Tara’s approachable, incisive, and expert coaching skills. It is not often that good judgment, intelligence, talent, sincerity, creativity, and genuine kindness come wrapped in one package, but she brings with her just that. She has been was a faithful thought partner in my personal and business efforts. Most remarkable, she challenges your perception and poses questions that bring a different and most valuable perspective. Tara is always prepared, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to work with. I have no reservations about my recommendation and fully trust her extraordinary leadership skills in the industry.” – Conchita Franco Serri, CEO & founder of Caroami

Diana Jussupova


“You helped me in the process of having courage to set out to write a book & understanding my goals.” – Author & Speaker Elmira Bayrasli

2015-10-03 16.44.42 Elmira Bayrasli Tara Lutman Agacayak photo credit The StyleIST


“I wanted two things – For it to be broadcast on PBS and for us to get an award. Two out of two! Thanks Tara.” – Zeynep Kilic, Sociology Professor & award-winning filmmaker of ‘Tables of Istanbul‘.

Zeynep & Tara


“I was in negotiations for work and the client was offering a rate that I knew would pay me less than my work is worth, but I was unsure whether I was in a position to negotiate, since I did need the work. After my coaching session with Tara, I was empowered to ask for an increased rate– more than twice what the client was offering. The client accepted immediately!” – Katie Nadworny, Writer & Photographer




Client Case Studies