I was born and raised in Silicon Valley and lived there until I graduated from Santa Clara University in 1995 with a BS in psychology.

That year I moved to the central California coast to work for the Department of Defense as a data analyst and information technology specialist where I also completed an MS in information technology management from the Naval Postgraduate School. It was there that I met my Turkish husband and moved to Turkey in 2002 after completing my thesis on The Analysis, Design and Implementation of the DMDC Data Warehouse. My thesis was used afterward to develop a patent.

Living abroad and adapting to a new culture changed my life in profound ways. We lived in a very small town where I became both lost and found. It was technology that brought me back to the world – specifically e-commerce and social networking.

In 2006 I attended the Women Leaders for the World program hosted by the Global Women’s Leadership Network at Santa Clara University.


My project was supporting local Turkish artisans by offering their work to a global marketplace through e-commerce.




At first this involved only sales but soon evolved into training when I realized I could have a bigger impact by teaching people how to represent themselves to the world online.



In 2008 I met my GlobalNiche business partner and friend Anastasia Ashman in Istanbul. We spent several years talking to international women in Turkey about reshaping their career opportunities by building professional web platforms.

In 2012 we co-founded to put theory to practice. Our first task was to develop a skill-building curriculum that teaches the GlobalNiche method to empower people to benefit from their online presence. This program is available today as an on-demand multimedia course.


Two years brought many achievements and lessons, and in February 2014 I left my position at GlobalNiche to explore new horizons in my career and expand my professional skill set.

For a number of years I worked with women who desire to write books.

I combined my experience in project management and digital marketing to support women who wanted to start or finish a book project.

During my career sabbatical I explored how I could use my strengths and passions to make greater contributions to the world in a fun way. Books have impact – they spread ideas, start movements, and improve lives in a scalable way.

By supporting the women who wrote these books I was able to do what I do best helping them spread their work and their messages.


In December 2016 I completed the requirements to become a Divine Living Certified coach.

After a long year of violent and tumultuous events in Turkey and around the world, I became even more committed to supporting the beauty of creative self expression as a way to counteract violence and negativity.

I am focused on working with thought leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who desire to impact the world in a positive way.

I bring over a decade of experience and the wisdom of my own teachers and mentors to the work I do with my clients.






In 2018 I was hired by Keiretsu Connect, the official tech platform of Keiretsu Forum, to help launch their platform to the 50+ angel investing chapters they have around the world. This experience gave me an insider’s look into entrepreneurship and global angel investing which I use with my clients to help them prepare their communications to get funded so they can launch and grow.








In 2019, I  became an ambassador for the Women Get Funded program, an educational experience for women around the world looking for conventional and non-conventional ways to fund their businesses, startups, and ideas.

Contact me to talk about how I can help you turn your project into a living, breathing reality.