┬áMany clients come to me for help in creating a structure that embodies work they’ve done over the course of their life; as a result of a career they’ve build for themselves; or as a way to put ideas and perspectives into something tangible.

With these clients we work on articulating the form and purpose for the structure and coming up with a strategy for how to create it and make it function.

The starting point is always why – why are you writing this book; why are you producing this film, or why are you designing this app? Honing in on this intrinsic motivation is essential as it is the fuel for the project and is often what allows better-than expected results.

  • For my client Elmira, once we completed our work together, she won a book deal that allowed her to finish her top-selling book on global entrepreneurship.
  • For Zeynep, our work helped her kick-start a stalled documentary which at last count has won nine international film festival awards and was broadcast on PBS.
  • For Dorian, we were able to put together an online platform and initiate an in-person retreat center that makes available her lifetime of expertise in the area of effecting change.
  • For Can, we worked on preparing for sales meetings and communicating the MVP for his startup which led to his winning 6-figures in startup funding from a US-based accelerator.

Each of these clients came with different projects they wanted to accomplish and different challenges to overcome.

For some of them there was more coaching involved. For others, there was more planning and strategy. But for each of them, I used a personalized approach that allowed each client to find her own way in the process.

If you would like to discuss a legacy project, please contact me for a consultation about how we might work together.