The day I graduated from university, the university president told us that we were very lucky to get our higher education degree and that only 5% of people in the world were so lucky.

He went on to say that our degree was not for us, but that it was our duty to use our degree to help those who weren’t as lucky.

I have always taken this to heart.

First in being grateful for my education, and second in using my education – and my other gifts – in service to others.

This is why I work with startups and scaleups – through their technology and business solutions they are solving problems at scale.

My clients develop apps that resolve interpersonal conflicts and create algorithms designed to create better places for us to live.

This is why I work with authors – books are ideas that scale and teachers that cross borders.

It is why I work with funds and accelerators and serial investors – they are shifting capital into the hands of companies who are making our lives better.

If it is important for you to serve others in who you are being, and what you are doing and you would like support in growing your project, business, company or other venture, please contact me for a consultation to discuss how we can work together to increase your capacity to serve.