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“I was in negotiations for work and the client was offering a rate that I knew would pay me less than my work is worth, but I was unsure whether I was in a position to negotiate, since I did need the work. After my Skype call with Tara, I was empowered to ask for an increased rate– more than twice what the client was offering. The client accepted immediately!” – KN, Travel Writer


“After my Skype session with Tara, I landed an intensive (who also became a client after) AND another 90 day client.” – RRD, Coach


“Before working with Tara I was indecisive and stuck about my target market and therefore couldn’t move forward with many of my business decisions. She helped me make a decision about my target market as a coach and get crystal clear on my ideal client. This helped me finally commit to her and share my message more confidently as well as grow my business with ease and clarity. Her coaching approach is effortless yet powerful and due to the high-vibration that was created during our session, I was able to sell my first Paris intensive within next 10 minutes after our session.” — Diana Jussupova, Coach

Diana Jussupova

“You helped me in the process of having courage to set out to write a book & understanding my goals.” – Author & Speaker Elmira Bayrasli

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“I wanted 2 Things – For it to be broadcast on PBS and for us to get an award. Two out of two! Thanks Tara.” – Zeynep Kilic, Sociology Professor & award-winning filmmaker of ‘Tables of Istanbul’.

Zeynep & Tara

“I could not be in better hands than with Tara’s approachable, incisive, and expert coaching skills. It is not often that good judgment, intelligence, talent, sincerity, creativity, and genuine kindness come wrapped in one package, but she brings with her just that. She has been was a faithful thought partner in my personal and business efforts. Most remarkable, she challenges your perception and poses questions that bring a different and most valuable perspective. Tara is always prepared, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to work with. I have no reservations about my recommendation and fully trust her extraordinary leadership skills in the industry.” -~ Conchita Franco Serri, CEO & founder of Caromi

Diana Jussupova

“Tara was a key ally when I was transitioning out of my corporate job and moving into my new business. Her insights and ability to focus on key issues, that were my roadblocks was amazing. She is also supremely organized and provided major support to me in this area, which I seriously needed to jumpstart my business. Above all, Tara is a kind soul who will do anything to help you advance your goals and dreams!”
— Linda DiMario, Career Coach.

Lin DiMario


“I scheduled an Enlightenment Call with Tara to talk about my lack of joy and confidence in my work. During our call, Tara was uplifting and thought-provoking without being prescriptive or judgemental. She had a flexible and positive approach to my feelings. I talked about my stress about my short and segmented working times, and by the end of the session felt that I would have a new attitude toward time – asking myself what could be achieved in the time I had rather than having an inner dialogue about what is not possible.

Even though it was a short session, Tara helped me achieve the start of the turn around in thinking that I am looking to make. I felt the session was very strong and I felt supported in thinking through some topics that were difficult for me.

After our call, I took a step in my business that same day that enabled me to create a $100/month passive income stream.

It was very beneficial to have someone else think through my issues with me in a concentrated way and help me towards finding positive outcomes.”

– Julia Forsman, photographer at A Rock and a Soft Place Photography

Julia Forsman Testimonial for Tara Lutman Agacayak


“I was wavering with my work… not sure if/how I should promote it… not sure if I deserved a seat at the table. After one discovery call with Tara I had a list of goals and encouragement. I began. Soon I signed up for some coaching with Tara and through our work together, I was able to dive in and push forward with the work of developing my designs, marketing my business, managing my orders, and just getting down to it — meaning — I spent a lot of time in the studio, at the bench, working — and it felt really good. I met my targets each month and to my astonishment, I had a record month in August, a traditionally slow time for my jewellery business. Tara is supportive, smart and accessible and I’m extremely grateful for the time that I spent working with her because I’m certain that I would not have exceeded my targets without her help.” – KJ Pritchard, artist and jewelry designer of Dragonlane



“I scheduled an Enlightenment Call with Tara because I wanted to talk about how to encourage more commitment from my clients in order to generate more stable income in my business. During our call, Tara was thought-provoking, thorough, and comfortable to work with. I left the call with confidence in myself as a business owner and solid achievable ideas for growth. I was really satisfied with how it went.” – Aislyn G, Fitness Trainer



“I had initially signed up with her because I was curious about precisely what assistance a business coach could offer me … as a photographer, an artist, a woman living in countries not her own. Tara immediately impressed me with her practical ideas of how I could move forward in my business, generating income and giving me freedom to continue developing all the ideas that I have. Ideas that I could implement immediately, without complications. I cannot recommend her highly enough. In a world awash with coaches, Tara stands head & shoulders above most I’ve followed over the years. She has the life experience, an understanding of the multi-national life, as well as the intelligence and empathy that I believe this kind of work demands. She has my respect.” – Di Mackey, photographer

Di Mackey testimonial for Tara Lutman Agacayak


“I decided to work with Tara because she is a successful entrepreneur and natural ‘connector’, so who better to help me with building my business? I chose her three month program after some initial hesitation that the number of sessions would not be enough to get me where I needed to go, but Tara helped me quickly identify what direction was best for my business, which high-impact steps I could take right now, and where to focus my limited resources. She helped me to see that working within time and budget constraints needn’t limit the possibilities for a start-up, and together we generated exciting ideas and projects for my business that will keep me busy for some time to come! Tara is practical, intuitive and enthusiastic in her support of her clients. I would strongly recommend her to creative entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of building their business or to those who are stuck and need some help rejuvenating their direction and refining their personal and professional business goals.”
Kelly Hevel, Artist, coach and presenter of creativity workshops in Istanbul


Kelly Hevel Logo


“Tara provided me with the perfect grounding and structure to improve and apply my social media knowledge and skills to my business. She listens actively, analyzes your needs, recommends the best solution for your challenges and follows it up. Her consultation was very beneficial to me and I will definitely recommend her to others.”
Semiha Ünal founding consultant at Solutions for You, International Business Management

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“Tara supported our non-profit organization the International Professional Women of Istanbul Network by holding a workshop, shared her deep social media know-how with us and gave each of us personal and valuable insights – also on how to bring IPWIN to Linkedin. Thanks to Tara´s professional and convincing support I got over my hesitations and set up my personal profile – now I enjoy being in contact with various former colleagues and friends and even got a contact and opportunity for an exciting new job via Linkedin! I can highly recommend Tara to everyone who wants learn about how to make the best use of social media – especially for those who have or want to set up a small creative business – it will be an eye opener!”
Cerstin Diewald co-director of IPWIN and freelance HR Consultant


“My meeting with Tara was an amazing boost for me and my company. Her perspective was incredible and her relaxed professionalism was just what I needed to be real about where I am and where I want to go. I loved her big picture vision and the questions she asked of me made me see things clearly. Not only did she help me see where I want to go, but with her network of business people, she was able to connect me with a specialist that could help me do it. Because of Tara I have the vision and the tools to move forward.”
— Dana Rivera owner of mobile boutique Blush Napa Valley


“I had a great time talking to Tara about what we’re doing at Blog Tweaks. Her suggestions were very helpful, and I look forward to implementing them into my business model. Sometimes as an entrepreneur it’s easy to get lost in the day to day activity and become less and less enthusiastic about the business idea. Tara really helped me by reinforcing my goals and encouraging me to keep ‘doing what is working.’ That was more helpful than you might know.”
Joseph Putnam of Blog Tweaks


“Tara is a highly creative and open hearted mentor to those of us seeking to launch our own businesses. I have gained so much from her insights, especially from her e-course on social media.”
Lorrie Schoettler Owner/Principal at Swallowtail Consulting


“Tara worked with me to develop a strategy for marketing my programs and services that I can implement immediately. She’s extremely professional and knowledgeable about the web tools available to promote any business. Not only did Tara recommend easy-to-use tools, she followed up with a step-by-step detailed plan so I have a complete strategy to use. Tara was easy to work with and quickly zeroed in on the gaps in my current marketing plan. Then she helped me plug those gaps without spending a fortune. She truly cares about helping small businesses and creative entrepreneurs succeed and goes above and beyond to help. Anyone who wants to learn how to grow their business using the Web needs Tara! I recommend her highly.”
Bonnie Pond Career Change Expert at Relaunch Your Life


“Tara is an exceptional social media and business coach. She gave me great advice on adding social media marketing to grow my business rapidly and globally. She is so easy to talk to and makes the technical things that are difficult for me easy and understandable. She is a good listener and really takes the time to hear what your needs are. I love having her as my support to take over the marketing things I just don’t have the time or knowledge for. She is a wealth of social media and business information and is so willing to share her knowledge. It is rare to find someone that cares as much as you do about your business succeeding, but I definitely found that in Tara. She has helped in so many ways and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”
Mary Beth Vanderlinden Energy Healer, Intuitive Counselor, Coach at Creekside Wellness Center



“Tara has been an invaluable wellspring of ideas that has helped launch and promote our Shibu Design brand. Whether sitting across from her at a lunch consultation, interacting with her at the varioussocial media and creative entrepreneurial workshops she hosts, or receiving feedback from her online via our Facebook and Twitter pages, Tara’s creative ideas seem to flow effortlessly and endlessly. She just “gets” us and our business concept and has always made us feel like we are a top priority. We look forward to working with Tara to help further our brand development.”
Chrissy Ramski Gulec Partner & Business Manager at Shibu Design


“Every contact I have with Tara is like a mini-mastermind session. She’s emotionally grounded and well-versed in the latest practices but what catalyzes me to move forward is how she listens. — Pause. — Then she synthesizes the bigger picture, a fresh approach, or the next step, filling me with energy and a sense of direction.”
Anastasia Ashman expat+HAREM neo-culture entertainment writer/producer.

“Tara Lutman Agacayak is a powerhouse of information, organization, and inspiration. She took my myriad business challenges with multiple focuses and formatted them into a step-by-step plan of action. As my business evolves, she is proving to be a wonderful sounding board, responding quickly to my changing needs and with ideas that may not have occurred to me. I look forward to working with her in the months to come as my go-to source for social media marketing knowledge.”
Catherine Salter Bayar treasure hunter and designer at Bazaar Bayar


“I participated in a MasterMind session that Tara leads which consists of several women who are creative entrepreneurs. Every two weeks, one of us puts forth a project we are working on with the areas where we would like input from the group. Tara consistently provides excellent critiques during these sessions, backed by materials and information that can later be studied in depth. She is supportive, visionary, and clear. I just had my first group session and it helped me a great deal. I went in feeling a bit disjointed and came out strengthened and purposeful. I appreciate all of the time, thought and effort that she puts into each session and recommend her highly for any project she wishes to pursue.”
Rachel Biel artist and entrepreneur at Rayela Art and creator of the TAFA List


“Tara helped me with my online business by creating a marketing strategy specifically aimed at an online audience. She stepped in at a time when I was thinking of folding the business and encouraged me to believe in what I was doing. She made me see that it takes time to build a successful company, that it needs patience and regular marketing input. More than that, she helped me realise it needs a whole lot of faith and love. These last two were feelings I had in me but forgotten somewhere along the line. Apart from the extraordinary encouragement and positive advice she gave, especially each time I thought of turning back from the road which looked so long, she also put together an extremely smart, effective and practical online marketing strategy for me. Coming from a bricks’n’mortar culture, I was wary of the e-commerce world and all the online presence & social networking it involved, but Tara simplified things down to a level I wanted and adapted her advice to my requirements. She doesn’t push when you say ‘no’ to something, but instead immediately comes up with an alternative you are comfortable with.”
Figen Cakir founding designer at The Knit Box.

“Tara is a map-maker who helps me align with my inner compass, directs me to exactly the internal and external tools I need to tackle my true goals. She’s planted seeds in my mind that I’ve come to see flourish in real life. Not only have I seen my work reaching a larger audience as the result of her direction and support, but she’s enabled a richer and more growth-oriented process than if I were doing it on my own. Tara guides me in my vision, digging up resources for me I otherwise wouldn’t have discovered on my own. I’m not tackling new terrain by myself, I’m being supported and nourished by the connections, possibilities, and concrete suggestions Tara gives.”
Rose Deniz writer, artist, founder of Art Is Dialogue


“Tara Agacayak spent a great deal of time with me yesterday and opened my mind to the incredible global opportunities available to Trouble the Dog through social media. As we are just now beginning to expand our brand, Tara was very helpful in offering ideas and thoughts about the concept of Trouble. She was easy to talk with, enthusiastic and also very knowledgable. It was an inspirational time and a service much needed for entrepreneurs”.
Sheila M. Duncan, President Larkin Ltd. and Co-creator of Trouble the Dog


“Working with Tara through the Creative Entrepreneurs and Social Media group that she co-founded has been an incredible experience. Tara spearheaded Mastermind sessions as an activity of the CESM group and my session changed my life. Through the workshop and the multitude of amazing suggestions from Tara, I was able to revamp each of my online platforms and tailor them towards my various goals. The results have been tangible in so many ways. Tara is a brilliant woman who is not just an innovative thinker but a great listener. She hears what a client is looking for on a profound level and translates that into actionable items that bring the person closer to actualising their dreams. Tara is also a very kind and friendly person, making it a real pleasure to work with her. I give Tara my highest recommendation.”
Sezin Koehler author of American Monsters and curator of theHybrid Monster gallery.


“Tara provided excellent advice for expanding and improving my websites and social media marketing. Not just once either, repeatedly following up her own advice with useful links and previous experience. Open and approachable, with an honest desire to help, I look forward to working with her more in the future.”
Catherine Yiğit owner of Skaian Gates English


“Tara inspired me to use social media to my benefit. By providing me with her constructive and encouraging comments in a structured way, I felt more confident to go ahead and test some of the social media tools. In the Creative Entrepreneurs and Social Media LinkedIn group, I perceive Tara to be a great business coach and someone who links in very well with the creative-minded. She is honest and gives comprehensive input.”
Josta Venken owner of Informatized


Client Case Studies