I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil to paper.

In a professional context, I’ve written the following for myself and my clients:

  • Presentations for high-level decision makers
  • Business plans
  • Scripts for video marketing campaigns and educational courses
  • Content for business websites, presentations, taglines, sales pages and more
  • Business proposals
  • Journal articles
  • Strategy documents
  • Vision statements

I’ve helped a number of clients conceive of, edit and get their books published which includes lots of strategic thinking, organizing ideas, and choosing the right words.

Here are three clients I’ve worked with on book projects:

In a personal context, I like to write poetry and prose and I believe the stories we tell are extremely powerful in influencing ourselves, and others, whether it is to motivate ourselves to take action or influence an investor to fund a startup I’m advising.

Refer to this list of publications for more examples or have a look at my blog.

Contact me if you would like to discuss  a writing project.