This is the internal journey.

It is about who you are.

It is about your gifts, your talents, your skills, your background, your education and your training, your personality and your calling.

It is about what’s going on inside.

We work on articulating who you are, knowing who you are, loving and nurturing who you are, listening to yourself, and developing a sense of trust and confidence in who you are.

I employ this pillar of work with startup founders, business owners, academicians, consultants, writers, and others in order to help them get to their core and find their internal motivation and embrace their core values.

We may use coaching techniques, rituals, writing exercises, activities, workshops, music, books and more to explore who you are all about.

When we uncover resistance or blocks or challenges, we work together to look at them and figure out how to deal with them so you can keep doing the work.

For my client Tania, a journalist, she was crystal clear on her career pathway, but was having a crisis of confidence in an industry filled with a glut of highly-qualified people vying for too few job opportunities. When we worked together, she was able to look past the obstacles and focus on the desires for her career, and raise her self worth which quickly raised the quality of opportunities she accepted.

If you find you desire to go on an inner exploration to get realigned, overcome a challenge, or reconnect with your intrinsic motivation, contact me for a consultation to talk about how we might work together to achieve your goals.

You may also find it helpful to do my Harmony 365 program to realign with yourself each season throughout the year.