VIP Private Coaching Intensive

Jump Start Your Creative Endeavor in Less Than a Day!

walk away with a doable plan for your next 90-days in business and in life

VIP Private Coaching Intensive with Tara Lutman Agacayak


Have you been telling yourself it’s about time you got back to work on your creative endeavor?

Are you sick of people asking you when you’re going to finish your book or make it big in your business?

Do you know what you should be working on but you just can’t seem to do it?

How would it feel to give yourself a day to turn all of that around?


Get ready to reignite yourself and your creative work with a personalized experience designed just for you.


Do you need someone to help you organize your activities – and make it a pleasant experience?

Are you looking for help to get you motivated so you can cross the finish line?

Would it help you to have someone outline exactly what steps you need to take next to make progress to your next level?


I have worked with women just like you who made it over the half way mark in their creative endeavor and then hit up against an unexpected block.

Maybe it was a divorce or a serious illness, or the work ended up being more difficult than they anticipated.

But finishing the project was too important, so they hired me to help jump start their endeavor and take it over the goal line.

The project was too critical not to complete – both for themselves personally, and for the greater cause.

Perhaps this creative endeavor is something you started because you were burned out at work and needed something to stimulate a different mental outlet.

Maybe you embarked on a creative business to fulfill your soul as well as your finances, but you are looking for ways to grow and create more consistent income.

Whatever the case may be, if you are stalled or blocked in any way, I am so pleased to offer you the opportunity to re-enage with your project and get the help you need to see it through to the next stage.

Is this a book you desire to complete?

A film you’re producing?

A business you’re growing?

A career that’s gone stagnant or stale?

Why is your work so important?

Because you are making the world more beautiful by doing it – you are making the world more informed, more educated, healthier, happier, more engaged, more stylish, more uplifted.

And who am I to help you?

I’ve been working with creative entrepreneurs since 2006 to connect with their passions and grow their businesses.

My clients publish books, produce films, open online boutiques, found non-profit organizations, create product lines of nourishing wholesome foods, and get women elected into politics to name a few of the things they do.

I help them with my experience as an award-winning information specialist who helped design a massive data warehouse for the US Department of Defense, write a master’s thesis that was used in a system patent; as a first-place winner who designed a solution for a globally-engaged platform to support a network of five million women leaders around the world.

I help them with my background as an e-boutique owner who grossed $25,000 the first month I organized live trunk shows, and when I realized I could help more people by teaching them how to run their own online businesses then selling their products in my ecommerce shop, I ended up co-creating a digital course that enrolled more than 5,250 people.

I have been working with creative entrepreneurs since 2006 and continue to invest in my own personal and professional development in order to improve my coaching and business skills.
Even though I have a background in designing high tech systems and structures, I know that success comes from breaking complicated requirements into simple applications.

And I also bring my Reiki energy healing skills to the table to see where energy needs to flow through the blocks for a more authentic and fulfilling life.

I’m available to help you too so you can move past your blocks and get on with your work in a doable way.

Give yourself the gift of time this fall to reconnect with your desire for your creative endeavor and to reconnect with yourself.

Invest in a whole day just for you to share your creative passion with someone who will be there to listen to you talk about your dream for your life and help you come up with the exact plan you need to finally realize the dream you started with.

During your private coaching intensive you will receive my f1ull attention to help you articulate the why behind your creative work and where you’d like to take it.

We’ll spend the day together at a 5-star hotel where you will get all the support you need to start moving toward realizing your dream.

You will leave with a personalized plan of action for the exact steps you need to take to make real progress on your creative endeavor by the end of the year.

All your nourishment during this day are included in our time together – meals, snacks, drinks, etc.

The hotel is situated on the Asian side of Istanbul overlooking a view of the sea and the Prince’s islands for extra inspiration.

I have available dates through the end of October for you if you feel ready to move ahead toward fulfilling your desires.

All you have to do is ask yourself if you are ready to move forward on your endeavor.

If yes, then this VIP experience is an excellent opportunity for you to reignite your fire and jump start yourself to a life and creative work you love.

Stop feeling guilty about not doing the work or angry at the next person who asks how things are going.

There is no need to wait one more day when all it takes is a day to get back into gear.

Give yourself the gift of time and the support you need to fulfill the dream you embarked on with your creative endeavor.

Introductory Price $497

Yes! I’m ready to give myself the gift of time

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