by Tara Agacayak on August 23, 2011


There is a fascinating article in this discussion that is a reminder of the possibilities that lie ahead:

“We needn’t be working in buildings 9-5,” it states, “when we can access everything in the cloud and connect with anyone, anytime. If businesses let go of the structures and time zones, we open our doors to many more opportunities for all.”  — The Innovative Educator

Ever since I moved to Turkey, I’ve been challenged by time and space. We first lived in a small town with little industry and the home I left in California was ten hours behind me. Not only did I have to re-frame my personal and professional identity, I had to innovate a new career. What paved the way for me was Internet access and a belief that what was inside me was superior to my circumstances.

Many people argue that the web is an antisocial waste of time. But for displaced and disadvantaged people in my situation, the world wide web is a survival tool. It levels the playing field and provides you the opportunity to work wherever, whenever, and however you find yourself.

With the social web as your virtual office you are unbound from space and time. You work on your own schedule according to your own rules and build your own place in the world.

Anastasia Ashman calls this your “global niche“. It is creative self enterprise for your global soul. It is do-it-yourself evolution. It is your micro-global base of operations. It’s the chance for you to be the solution to your own problem.

I am privileged to be collaborating on this initiative with her and I would be so honored to have you join us.

You can find it here at www.globalniche.net.


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