The Power of How Questions

by Tara Agacayak on February 28, 2016

One of my favorite wealth consciousness books is Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki. And one of my favorite lessons from that book is what happens when you use “how” questions.


Kiyosaki describes his two dads – one his biological father, and one the father of his friend who was a teacher and mentor to him. The author says, “Money doesn’t solve problems, your brain solves problems.


And here’s how to put your brain on the job …


His father would often say, “I can’t afford it.”


His friend’s father would say, “How can I afford it?”


The first statement closes the door. It closes itself to possibilities. It closes itself to opportunity.


It leaves no room for money to flow in.


In the second case we see a question. The question is an open door. It allows the brain to go to work and it opens the mind to what’s possible and for solutions to present themselves.


It creates opportunities for money to flow in.


Thoughts are energy vibrations. What we think, we create.


Sometimes, even though something is true, doesn’t make it helpful to reach a goal.


Here’s an example.


Let’s say you’re on the freeway and you want to go to the airport. You see the exit for the airport, but you are too far away and you miss the exit.


You can say to yourself, “I missed the exit.” And then berate yourself for making a mistake; argue with your partner for not warning you to take the exit; start to panic that you’ll miss your flight and on and on. Yes, it is true that you missed the exit, but staying in that statement doesn’t get you to your goal, it just keeps you spinning in circles.


Now, if you say to yourself, “How can I get to the airport from where I am now?” your brain goes to work and starts calculating and figuring out how to get turned around and back on track. There are no reprimands, there is no judgment and no anxiety. There are solutions, possibilities and opportunities.


In both cases your thoughts are taking up energy.


In the first case the energy you’re expending is just draining your resources and preventing you from reaching your objective. In the second case, you are actively using the thought energy to move you on your way.


You get to choose “how” in every moment.


Look at these statements.


  • I’m not making any money in my business.

  • I feel terrible.

  • I never get to see my family.

  • I hate my job.

  • I wish I could have a date night with my husband.


Now contrast them with these how questions.


  • How can I make more money in my business?

  • How can I improve my health?

  • How can I spend more time with my family?

  • How can I have more fun at work?

  • How can I put work away in the evenings so I can have a date night with my husband?


See how it works?


I’m turning it over to you now.


How can you use how questions to create different results in your life?





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