Tell Your Story

I would love to share your story as a woman in business

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My community of women are creative entrepreneurs. They are building and growing their businesses all over the world.

I focus on developing the whole person and am looking to connect with like-minded people offering complementary services who can help round out the work that I do and other woman who have walked the path and can shed a light for other women coming along the same way.

I help my clients get organized and sort out their schedules so they can grow their businesses without sacrificing their lives. I specifically get them to create time for and focus on the money-making tasks that will grow their businesses or get them to finish a creative project (like a book for example).

I help them build time into their schedule for self care and give them back time to spend with family and friends. I focus on a holistic approach – systems, self, relationships and enjoyment.

For your guest post, please tell the story of how you learned your biggest lesson building your business as a woman.

IMG_1777Here is an example:

When I shared this story on social media, it blew up! People were able to connect with it and relate to it. It was personal and emotional and after I shared it around the internet, I heard from people I’ve never met before. Some even asked me if they could translate it into other languages so they could share it!

I would love to share your story on my blog and my social media platforms to show other women what is possible for them. I know you have big lessons you’ve learned that other women can learn from and be inspired by.

Once I publish it to my blog, I will make it the featured article in my newsletter (see a sample: and I will share it on social media throughout the week (see my platforms:


Some tips:

  • Make it personal
  • Make it emotional so people can connect with you on a heart level
  • Include images
  • Include links
  • Include a short bio at the end
  • Include a link to your offer if you have one
  • Find a way to make your lesson applicable to a woman building HER business. How can she apply your lesson to her life and her situation?
  • And how can she benefit from your offer in her business? Will she be able to take care of herself better? Will she make more money? Will she get more visible? Will she get better sleep? Connect the dots for her so she can see how your lesson and your offer will help her.
  • Leave the reader feeling positive, motivated and inspired to take action.
  • Give a clear call to action. What does she need to do after she finishes reading your story?

How to give me your story:

  • Create a google doc with your content including the story text, images, links, link to your offer, your bio, and your call to action
  • Share your document with me using this email address:
  • Let me know if you have a specific date that you’d like to publish and get featured in my newsletter, otherwise I’ll let you know the next available publish date
  • Please let me know how this story can also help your own community so we can get it as visible as possible

Any questions, please email me!