Success Leaves Footprints

by Tara Agacayak on June 3, 2020


When I work with a client – either a private coaching client or a client in the GoGlobalAdvisory portfolio, one of the tools in my toolbox is to have my client look at other people who have achieved what they’d like to achieve.


Ultimately you will carve your own path and create your own success story, however, there are basic principles that are the foundation of success.


This week we were excited and proud to read the news of Zynga acquiring Peak Games for $1.8B. This is a great example for other Turkish entrepreneurs and startups of a pathway to growth.


When I read Bloomberg’s coverage of the article, here’s what struck me – this wasn’t a one-time deal.


Zynga didn’t just decide one day to write a check to Peak Games.


There was a RELATIONSHP.


And it wasn’t a new relationship.


There had been a previous acquisition in 2017, so the parties each knew each other before.


I say this often, and it is something we work very hard to cultivate at GoGlobal: build relationships. Build them before you “need” them and work to nurture them.


Network often.


Fill your calendar each week with calls of people in the ecosystem to see what’s going on, who’s doing what, who is looking for what, and how you can help, support, collaborate or connect.


Even before the pandemic, GoGlobal spent hours each week on Zoom calls or in face to face meetings getting to know the global ecosystem so we can get our startups in front of investors and strategic partners and bridge markets.


Success leaves footprints … look for basic, foundational principles that will lead you to your success.


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