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by Tara Agacayak on January 1, 2014

For several years I have delighted in starting the new year by choosing three words as themes for my year.

This year one of the words I’ve chosen for myself is SIMPLIFY.

In honor of that word, I’m choosing only one word this year.

In her book, Zero Waste Home, Bea Johnson proposes 5 R’s to help eliminate waste in your life.

The first R is Refuse, so before anything can come in to your life, you first evaluate if it has a useful place there.

When something approaches, I rely on this question to decide whether or not to allow it in:

Will this simplify my life?

If it does, I keep it or allow it in.

If it does not, I send it on it’s way … with gratitude.

What do you allow in? What do you refuse? How do you decide?

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