The Secret to Consistent Income in Your Creative Business

by Tara Agacayak on August 15, 2016


SM - The Secret

Do you want to know the secret to consistent income in your creative business?

It’s consistent marketing.

The more consistent you are about getting in front of your people, the more they will come to know you, to like you, and to trust you.

Do this consistently on social media (or wherever your dream clients and customers are hanging out) and you will create the path to consistent income.

Want some examples?

Here ya go:

  • Post something on Instagram every day
  • Show up on Facebook Live five days a week
  • Post to Twitter four times a day
  • Go to your favorite networking events and introduce yourself to at least five people and ask them what the biggest challenge is in their business
  • Write five tips for each weekday and post it in your status update on LinkedIn
  • Write three mailers and send them out to your mailing list each week
  • Show up in your favorite Facebook groups every day and comment on what other people are saying in the group

Find out where your people are.

Make a plan and make a commitment to show up for them and do it regularly – whatever that looks like for you.

Some days might be easier than others.

On easy days, you capture a gorgeous shot for Instagram. Your hair and makeup are perfect for Facebook live. You know exactly what to write in your mailers to your readers.

And then other days are not so easy. Someone in your family might be sick, or you’re going through a rocky patch in your relationship, or all the appliances in your house break down one after the other and everything feels like it’s falling apart.

Those days might feel harder, and what do you do then?

What do you do when the words don’t feel like they’re flowing?

Or you don’t know how you’re going to smile for the camera?

If consistent marketing leads to consistent income, and you are determined and committed and depending on that consistent income to grow your business, how do you show up for your marketing when it feels like a big challenge?

After just going through this with the recent coup attempt in Turkey, and the chaos and turmoil and uncertainty that came with it, I’m putting together a free training event where I’ll share with you some of the ways you can stay committed to your marketing and show up on social media every day despite the chaos or overwhelm you might be feeling.

If you’re interested in joining the webinar to learn how to maintain consistent marketing during the ups and downs of life, sign up here and I’ll let you know when the training is happening.

I am passionate and committed to working with creative entrepreneurs to grow their businesses so that you can make the world better – make it healthier, prettier, more stylish, more well photographed, more well read, more informed, more confident – so I’m creating this training for you in order to help you stick with your marketing during the highs and lows.

It is especially in times like these that the world needs you to keep going.

During the training I’ll share with you some ways that you can do that, even when life feels chaotic and overwhelming.

It’ll make the good times that much sweeter to know you did not quit, but kept going and working through the challenges.

Sign up here to and get notified when the training happens.




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