by Tara Agacayak on March 5, 2014

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Though a year has passed, I think the ideas in this Commonwealth Club Inforum are even more relevant today than they were then.

In fact, I think they are timeless and apply not just to waste management, but to life management.

My favorite takeaways are:

  • “Zero waste is really about how you move resources through a system.” – Jared Blumenfeld, Pacific Southwest Administrator for the EPA
  • “It makes no sense once you mine the gold to throw it into a landfill.” – Jared Blumenfeld
  • “Refusing what you don’t want cuts waste from your life.” – Bea Johnson, author of Zero Waste Home
  • “Taking what you don’t need creates a demand for more [of what you don’t need]” – Bea Johnson

I’ve written about zero waste before and I continue to explore how it is an answer to better living that is more satisfying and fulfilling not to mention more economical and healthy.


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