by Tara Agacayak on June 16, 2011

Rain over Street Lights by S Marcu

On Tuesday I was supposed to meet a friend on the European side of Istanbul. To get there from where I live on the Asian side I take a train, and a ferry, and a funicular with lots of walking in between.

The minute I stepped outside of my house the rain came down in torrents.

I wasn’t going anywhere.

So I went back inside and I waited.

An hour later it stopped and I caught the train which took me to the ferry which brought me to the funicular which led me to my friend.

In the process of building your business there will be rain and there will be sun.

There will be many parts to your journey before you reach the destination.

But the only way to get there is to go there.

To wait out the storm until there is a break in the clouds.

The rain may cause a delay, but it’s not a showstopper.

Keep going.

Slow and steady.

You’ll get there.

Let me know if you want someone to go there with you.

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