No Questions

by Tara Agacayak on May 11, 2010

Two weeks ago …

Her: Tara, I want to apply to speak at this conference, based on the work I’m doing, what do you think my pitch should cover? I can’t decide between these three things.

Me: Why not find a way to pitch the three things together? 

Her: Hmm … let me go off and think about that.

One week ago …

Her: Tara, thanks for your advice. I had some unexpected connections and have decided to go in another direction. I’m going to pitch this …

Me: Genius. You found your sweetspot.

My job is not to give you answers, but to ask you questions so you can see yourself.

At that point you’ve found the answer.

At that point, that place where you do what you love to do, there are no more questions – just forward motion.

Saluting these events this week for giving me goosebumps. See what happens when it starts to connect?

  • Opening the Skaian Gates (I know you did this in March Catherine, but I’m a bit behind).

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