Master’s Thesis

I completed my Master’s of Science degree at the Naval Postgraduate School and wrote my thesisĀ  on The Analysis, Design and Implementation of the DMDC Data Warehouse in conjunction with the work I was doing with the Defense Manpower Data Center and the Department of Defense.

In my thesis, I described the analysis, design, and initial implementation of a data warehouse that reports on DoD military and civilian personnel and pay data for the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC). Using database technologies, Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools, and Query and Reporting Tools, a Pay Data Warehouse was designed and slated for implementation and integration with an already existing Personnel Data Warehouse.

The proposal my thesis advisor and I submitted for me to speak at the 13th Annual International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications in 2002 was accepted and I was able to share my experience and learnings with my colleagues.

Six years after publication, my thesis was cited in this patent for a system and method used for document and data validation.