Is money masculine or feminine?

by Tara Agacayak on April 17, 2017

When I decided to start my coaching practice, I became a business owner.


In order to build a sustainable, thriving business, I have been studying with a mentor who has told me things like:

Money is masculine because it provides and protects.”

And also:

“Money is tied to the root chakra

As well as:

“Money is currency and currency is energy.”


And as I’ve built my business, I’ve also worked on my relationship with money – from the inside out and the outside in.



I’ve done a lot of work in therapy and in mentorship around my beliefs and conditioning about money.

How my relationship with money was modeled for me.

How I was conditioned to understand its role in my life.

How to understand my unconscious beliefs around money.

And to see the feast & famine patterns that were showing up in my life around money.

This work is the inner work.



In contrast, I’ve also worked with my coach on how to build the structures that will help me create a thriving, sustainable business.

That is, what are my services, what is the value I am offering to my clients, and what packages and pricing structures reflect that value?

Then, how do I convey that value in my marketing and in my conversations with people?

And I found that working both inside out and outside in have been necessary for me to  build up my business.



In 2016, I completed a coaching practicum in order to earn my certification and tracked my rates from September 2016 to April 2017.

201612 Divine Living Academy Certificate for Tara Lutman Agacayak original

  • In October 2016 I doubled my rates
  • In November 2016 I doubled my rates again
  • In December 2016 I doubled my rates again and I earned the same amount of money from my coaching business as my husband earned in his full time job, enabling me to make equal contributions to our family finances
  • In February 2017 I doubled my rates again
  • In March and April 2017 I again met and surpassed my husband’s full time income, but I did it in half the time

But it wasn’t as easy as simply raising my rates.

At each level I felt discomfort, both at the level I was at, and also at what it was going to take to jump to the next level.

At each growth point, I could see the results my clients were getting and I could see the value of coaching to help them get those results.

It felt uncomfortable for me to stay at my current rates because I could feel that raising my rates would also help me create more value for my clients.

And even though I could feel myself ready to grow, I could also feel the discomfort of having new conversations around my new rates.

That’s when I would dive into the inner work with my coach or therapist or mentor, and experience new awareness, uncover deeper patterns, transform old conditioning and beliefs.



In my own journey to transform my relationship with money in order to build a sustainable, thriving business and to be of higher service to my clients, I have come to see the masculinity of money in how it provides and protects, but most especially, my own ability to harness this power for myself – to use money as a vehicle to provide for myself and my family.

And as my business grows, I know this is not the end of the journey.

I invite you to join me in diving deeper into this discussion over at The Creative Impact Studio where I’ve recorded a video talking more about this subject and my personal experience.


Add your own voice to the conversation, ask me your questions, share your own experiences here in this thread.


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