by Tara Agacayak on July 26, 2011

Time Flies by Neal Fowler from Flickr/Creative Commons

Time Flies by Neal Fowler

Earlier this year I had two things on my desk.

The first was a client proposal I was writing and the other was a class I was considering taking.

I knew the class would be good for me. It would fill in some of the gaps in my business training and connect me with other people who would be great for networking.

But I felt that it was way out of my budget.

On the other side of the coin, I was asking for 10 times what I would have paid for the class in the proposal I was writing.

When I looked at those two things side by side I realized how silly it was for me to expect anyone to invest in me when I wasn’t willing to invest in myself.

I signed up for the class immediately and used my creative problem solving skills to find the money for the class.

Just by taking that step, I made a declaration of my value.

“Even if I learn nothing in the class,” I told myself, “at least I’ll know what I’m worth.”

That was a turning point.

Since making that declaration, I’ve raised my fees and noticed a difference in the level of commitment from my clients.

When I speak of investing in yourself, I’m not just talking about money, but other resources like time and energy.

If I looked at you now, would I know the outcome you’re dedicated toward? Would it be obvious based on where you’re spending your resources?

How are you investing in yourself?

How would you like to?

Do you want some support?

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