In Gratitude

by Tara Agacayak on May 22, 2009

I recently completed a blogging course given by the illustrious Holly Becker of Decor8.  During part of the course we were placed in groups in order to take a more critical look at our blogs.  I was fortunate enough to land in a group of creative, talented, and very supportive women bloggers and would like to acknowledge each of them and their beautiful blogs.

Robin- Luxe Earth: Robin’s blog is all about how to live beautifully but also respect the planet.

Alycia – Frugally Posh Interior Design: Alycia is adept at demonstrating how to create interiors that look great while also being accessible.

Constança – Saídos da Concha: Concha is a clothing designer extrordinaire.  The styling she does for her photos is very inspiring.  In fact, I included her in this blog post over at Intarsia Concept.

Diana – D.S. Brennan Photography: Not only does Diana have a talent for taking great nature photography, she is also very supportive, helpful and knowledgable.  Just take a look at her “Let’s Get Technical” podcast series to see what I mean.

Julie – Et Voila & Jami – The Umbrella Tree: Both Julie and Jamie are just starting to blog, but they inspired me by taking that first step.  As my husband says, “Starting is Finishing”.  I think starting is the hardest part.

Lady Ann – Visuals: Lady Ann has a very unique eye and skill for putting together images.  It is so common to see the same things again and again, but she curates visual pieces in her own special way which is very enjoyable to see.

Lauren – Design Candy: As a former magazine editor, Lauren continues on as a writer and craft stylist.

Wini – Artygirl’s Blog: Of all the numerous things in Wini’s world, I love how she uses color in her blog.  She is so kind and enthusiastic.

Thank you so much to my Postworthy Team.  You inspired me to dive deeper into my life as an expat in Turkey as well as to bring more visual elements to my blog.  I know that focusing on both of these areas will make my life much richer, so thank you for encouraging me.

And finally, thank you to Holly for putting your heart and soul into conducing this course.  It was way more than I expected, and gave me the motivation to find my own voice and bring it out through writing and blogging and connecting with others.  You are an example for me of how it is possible to live an authentic life with great integrity and care for others.

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