How to attract the people who will help you build and grow your business

by Tara Agacayak on August 29, 2017

High-Impact Sales Funnel Lessons Learned

One of the top questions I get from entrepreneurs and people in the early stages of building their businesses is: how can I find more people who will buy from me?

Finding more of your “right people” whether they are clients, customers, users, partners or others who will help you grow your business is a matter of knowing the value you provide to others through your product or service.

Having a high touch sales funnel can help you in this process, especially if you build it consciously and with purpose, designing it as both a way to research the market opportunities; understand your ideal client avatar and buyer persona; warm up cold leads; makes sales offers and other calls to action depending on your specific business model.

In this week’s training I talk about ten lessons I learned building a “high touch” funnel to attract and serve the people who can benefit from my particular brand of leadership and communications coaching.

If you want to attract your “right people”, here are some things you need to know about a high-touch sales funnel and how it can help you do this:


  • A system that turns a person into a buying customer/client/user
  • An online funnel does this online in some sort of automated fashion


  • Part of the sales process
  • Helps you determine the right fit between you and user/client/customer
  • Builds and nurtures relationship between you and prospects and leads until sale


  • A high-touch funnel is my term for direct interaction between you and prospect so they warm up quickly

In this training I’ll share what my funnel looks like, how it’s performing, and the ten lessons I’ve learned implementing the four-phases of the Creative Launch Cycle in order to build a system that attracts ideal clients, nurtures them, warms them up and prepares them to take buying actions.

This training will give you deeper insight into how these ten lessons and learn more about how an online sales funnel can help you find more of your right people so you can grow your business.

Get access to this free training by joining the Creative Impact Studio with this personal invitation.

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