A global platform for everyone

“I believe social web technology is an equalizer that provides the opportunity to shine a light on what was previously invisible, connect those who are isolated, and give everyone the platform to make their voice heard around the world.” – Tara Agacayak


My request:

Please consider supporting my entry in the Global Women’s Leadership Network Leader of Impact competition by:

  • Reading my story about how I overcame depression and found my place in the world;
  •  Voting for me and the work I’m doing to help others build their place;
  • Joining me in telling my story either in a blog post, article, or interview. You will be helping me demonstrate the power of a global platform. Please email me or link to my entry.

My story:

In 2002, at 28, I left a successful career in Information Technology and moved from the U.S. to a small town in Turkey. Separated from my culture, I felt isolated, invisible and I lost my sense of identity. Saving me from a three-year depression was the belief that … [read more]

Here’s a brand new example of how I help people build their global platform:

I support the development of personal/professional web platforms though coaching, consulting and educational courses like the soon-to-be-launched SUM-it Up program at Global Niche. A global web platform allows you to be seen no matter where you may be.

It makes you visible, brings you to the table and allows your voice to be heard around the world.