Global Niche

Unbeknownst to me, I began building my global niche in 2002, but didn’t know that’s what it was called until Anastasia Ashman coined the term.

Challenged by trying to find a job in a foreign country, I decided my best chance for success was creating my own work and digital commerce held the key.

In 2009 Anastasia and I began discussing how the web was a leveling ground for those of us with independent lifestyles giving us access, opportunity and resources we wouldn’t normally have as enterprising global souls.

A global niche is your personal solution to a professional identity crisis. It’s what you do when the options in front of you are not working or you sense that something inside is bigger than the circumstances surrounding you.

I can support you in the development of your Global Niche – the foundation of which is your professional web platform — through these services.

If you’re a creative entrepreneur building your global microbrand, is definitely a place you’ll want to plant some roots.

It’s creative self enterprise for the global soul.

A fulfilling, inspiring place for those of us poised to work on our own terms wherever and whenever we find ourselves to be.

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