Doing more with less – how innovators can sustain life on our planet

by Tara Agacayak on June 29, 2021

As an undergraduate studying psychology, I was fascinated by the power of the human mind. I loved reading about the psychological experiments that revealed how we think, how we perceive, how we behave, and how we are motivated.


Years later, these studies still captivate me.


One study I read about recently was looking at how people react to a daunting problem such as climate change.


How do people perceive the problem (and the solution), and what motivates them to take action?


The study found that people freeze when a problem is too big and too daunting. It may look like they don’t care or that they don’t acknowledge the problem, but in truth, they don’t know where to begin.


Just because people KNOW there is a problem, doesn’t mean they know what to do to transform the problem.


But when they are given practical steps and guidance and HOPE, they can and will take action.


Last week I listened to an interview between Kristi Frank and Lynne Twist. Lynne was describing the work of the Pachamama Alliance of conscious committed people around the world for the sustainability of life and I was transfixed as she explained:


The genius, the innovation, the brilliance of the human family is that we are going to do more and more and more with less and less and less. That’s the direction of our science, that’s the direction of our innovation, that’s the direction of our creativity.” – Lynne Twist


She articulated so beautifully why the work we do at GoGlobal with tech innovators, investors and other stakeholders is so meaningful – because the problems we see people solving with technology really can have a large impact.


Right now GoGlobal is working on a joint program with Arya Women Investment Platform (I’m on the board) and Village Capital (I’m a mentor) to bring a gender-lens investment readiness program to support women-led tech startups working in sustainable solutions – energy, healthcare, food, environment and more.


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Want to know more about the sustainability program we’re building? Contact me and let me know what you’d like to know.


Know an innovator, investor, or other player in the global tech ecosystem who is working on the big problems the world is facing? Introduce us!


Finally, what I’d like to leave you with is that what is most universal is most personal – no matter what daunting problem you are faced with, remember that every problem is born with a solution and you are always being shown the way to solve it.


Your quest to transform any area of your life will lead you to the right teachers, books, courses, insights, movies, songs, inspirations, lessons and yes – technology – that you need to become all you are made to be.


This I know for sure. And I encourage you to find it.


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