This is the external journey.

It is about how you put who you are to work.

Here we construct what your book will be about + your plan to write and market it.

We make sense of why as a sociologist it makes sense for you to produce a documentary rather than publish a scholarly journal article.

And here we figure out what you need to do in order to reach your next fundable round of capital investment.

This work is about planning, strategizing and taking action.

It’s about implementation.

One thing I hear over and over from my clients is that I use the tough love approach – I hold them accountable to their goals, but in a sweet, loving and nurturing way.

That’s what you will get with me – a clear picture of who you are, a solid action plan to get your work done so you can reach your goals, and a very sweet kick in the pants to stay focused and on task.

If you would like help putting together an action plan, especially an action plan that works for you, and you would like help implementing and staying accountable to your plan, contact me for a consultation to see how we can work together.