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Calm Confident Success

A Personalized 90-Day System to Grow Your Creative Business without Sacrificing Your Life


Are you ready to create more success in your business in a calm way? Free from stress, anxiety or overwhelm?


Dear Creative Business Woman,

  • Are you doing work you love, but struggling to make consistent income at it?
  • Do you let time get away from you because there is so much to do that you don’t know what to do first?
  • Are you very organized and hard-working, but so overwhelmed that you can’t stick to your schedule?
  • Do you feel stuck, unable to move forward and find yourself procrastinating or making excuses for not doing the things on your to do list?
  • Are you mentally so exhausted by the end of the day that you don’t have the energy to enjoy time with your family or friends?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are very likely headed to a breakdown in your business, your life and your relationships.


I know, because not too long ago, I was there too …

Even though I didn’t have any formal business training, I was a hard worker and created success in each passion-based business I would start.

The problem was that I worked so hard to achieve success that I burned out and eventually had to stop working on the business.

I was so overwhelmed with everything I had to do to grow my business that it all seemed insurmountable.

I was afraid I was never doing enough.

I feared hiring a team member to help me if I didn’t have the consistent income to pay her.

All I really wanted was to share something beautiful and meaningful in the world, but with the constant drain on my personal resources and the pressure I put on myself to grow my business (that I loved), I felt like I had to choose between my business or my life.

I was frustrated about spending evenings and weekends working on my business when I’d rather be spending them with my husband.

I felt sad about the missed opportunities I had to be with my friends because of the long hours I was spending working on my business.

I was almost ready to give up on my dream because I didn’t see how I could have both a successful thriving business and a fulfilling life at the same time.

I thought I had to choose one or the other.

I didn’t think I could have both.

I was just about ready to take on a high-stress, full time job when something changed.

I discovered how it is possible to have it all.


Within a few short weeks I was re-ignited and remembered why I had started my passion-based business!

It was like my energy and time got back into alignment.

I’ve never had this much energy and enthusiasm for my work and my life!

Today I am growing my business doing what I love AND enjoying the time to care for myself, develop my relationship with my husband, and enjoy free time with my family and friends.

I’m not talking about letting business-building responsibilities pile up.

Nor am I talking about putting off nurturing myself or my relationships.

What I’m talking about is creating the time for all of it in a sustainable energizing way.

How would it feel to see your creative business grow while you had more time to practice self-care and nurture your personal relationships?


Overcoming the overwhelm and figuring out how to structure my time in a balanced way was one of the biggest breakthroughs that helped me enjoy my life more while focusing on the most important money-making activities in my business.


Now I’m able to artfully create time to work on my business productively without sacrificing the balance of my personal life.

In fact, when I have helped other people implement the systems that I’ve created, they say they feel calm, confident and in control rather than stressed out, crazy busy or overwhelmed.

Successfully Find the Balance Between Work & Home

I want every woman to feel calm and centered in her life while she grows the business she loves.

No more feeling sad about missed opportunities, reigning in your ambitions or compromising your health or the health of your relationships.

Being in control of work-life balance and allowing yourself to have it all is about being aware of your true desires, understanding that you have what it takes to make your dreams come true, and creating the simple habits that will get you there step by step.

This allows you to see your progress on a daily basis, empowering you and motivating you every step of the way.

Introducing: Calm Confident Success

A personalized system to help you grow your business calmly, without stress, anxiety or overwhelm.


I designed this simple program to help you create time for everything that matters most to you in your life while you grow your business.

I’m Tara Lutman Agacayak

Before becoming  a global citizen, I worked as an information specialist and won a performance award for helping to design a massive data warehouse for the US Department of Defense.

My Master’s Thesis chronicled this design process and I was selected to present it at a major industry conference on Expert Systems and Applications. Six months later it was cited in a patent for a system.

Another system I designed won first place including a cash award for creating a solution for a globally-engaged platform to support a network of five million women leaders around the world.

My handcrafted e-boutique grossed $25,000 the first month I organized live trunk shows, and when I realized I could help more people by teaching them how to run their own online businesses then selling their products in my ecommerce shop, I ended up co-creating a digital course that enrolled over 5,250 people.

I have been working with creative entrepreneurs since 2006 and continue to invest in my own personal and professional development in order to improve my coaching and business skills.

Even though I have a background in designing high tech systems and structures, I know that success comes from breaking complicated requirements into simple applications.

After intense study into the habits and routines of successful people, I have created an easy way for you to implement your very own success program.

Instead of following a formula that doesn’t work for how you desire to live your life for grow your business, this program is customizable and personalized just for you – for your own desires, values and ambitions.

This program will help you:

  • identify what you value most so you can prioritize how to spend your time
  • get you back on track
  • avoid spending time on unimportant activities
  • feel calm and relaxed because you’ll know exactly what you need to be doing each and every day to maintain work-life balance
  • create work life balance to feel more fulfillment in your life
  • feel calmer and more in control of your life and your work
  • reduce stress and enjoy a healthier lifestyle




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Get back on track in three months with this personalized system


Month 1: Set Yourself Up for Success

  • get out of overwhelm by unburdening your mind of all the to dos
  • get unstuck and moving forward with a doable, manageable plan
  • get clear on your true desires for your work and your life
  • identify what fulfillment means to you
  • create goals for your life and your business that you are excited to achieve
  • create more time for self-care activities like exercise and getting fitter


Month 2: Create Your Calm, Confident Success

  • become more productive and get more done with less time and effort
  • work on the money-making activities you need to generate consistent income and grow your business
  • make decisions faster instead of wasting time and energy procrastinating
  • feel more confident when you see you are achieving what you set out to do
  • feel less stress and anxiety with your to do list hanging over your head
  • become more visible so you can grow your business globally


Month 3: Enjoy Your Achievements

  • see tangible success in growing your business
  • reap the mental and physical rewards of improved self-care
  • deepen your relationship with your partner
  • enjoy undistracted free time with family and friends
  • feel calmer and more in control of all aspects of your life
  • see yourself becoming more creative and productive and how you will uplevel in the coming three months


Plus, you’ll also get this invaluable gift

Free Half-Day Intensive

Jump Start Your Progress Right Away with a One on One 4-Hour Intensive with Tara

Get back on track immediately in a one-on-one half-day intensive with me where you will unburden yourself of all the uncompleted tasks piled up in your brain. I will work with you to sort them out step by step until you have a personalized plan that feels totally doable. You will leave the intensive energized and motivated to work on your plan in a calm, easy way.

Regular Price: $1,250

This is my gift to you when you invest in your 90-day Calm Confident Success Program

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What people rarely talk about when reporting on the reasons why businesses fail

When I was doing my research on what makes women successful in business, I came across a lot of articles talking about the failure rate of businesses.

These articles talk a lot about why businesses fail – because of failure in product-market fit, not understanding the client or customer, running out of operating capital, ineffective messaging and not fully understanding the uniqueness of the business.

What they talk less about is that a business can’t run if the business owner is so overwhelmed she can’t figure out how to solve those business problems!

What I realized when I was so near to giving up on my dream is that if I was going to be successful I had to figure out how to be smart about my business and smart about my life.

I learned that to create consistent income in your business, you have to work consistently on money-making activities while also taking care of your personal life to maintain the balance.

When you create efficient systems and daily routines that support both your money-making tasks to grow your business and create space for life-fulfilling activities, you set yourself up for success rather than becoming one of the failure statistics.

Don’t just take my word for it!

Here is a short list of successful women who have established their own daily success routines:

  • Arianna Huffington, Editor in Chief, AOL Huffington Post Media Group
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Model, Actress and Entrepreneur
  • Anna Wintour, Vogue Editor in Chief and Condé Nast Artistic Director
  • Gwyneth Paltrow, Actress and Goop Founder
  • Victoria Beckham, Founder and Creative Director, Victoria Beckham Fashion Line
  • Stacey Bendet, CEO and Creative Director of Alice and Olivia
  • Sally Susman, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs for Pfizer
  • Reem Rahim, Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder of Numi Organic Teas
  • Carly Cushnie, Cofounder & Designer, Cushnie et Ochs
  • Ivanka Trump, Executive VP of Development & Acquisitions of the Trump Organization
  • Martha Stewart, founder of Martha Steward Living Omnimedia
  • Oprah Winfrey, Billionaire & Chairwoman and CEO of Harpo Productions
  • Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States of America
  • Indra Nooyi, Chairperson & CEO of PepsiCo
  • Jennifer Aniston, Actress, Producer & Businesswoman
  • Joanna Coles, Editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan





FULL DISCLOSURE:  I do not believe in forcing anyone to fit a mold they don’t belong in or convincing or persuading anyone to do anything that doesn’t serve their needs


Calm Confident Success is not a one-sized fits all program. It is customized to you, your goals and your specific situation. Clients have seen results after one coaching session or after one month of coaching. Your success will depend on your level of commitment and your level of effort.

If you are looking for a quick-fix or a magic pill, this program is not for you.

The plan is simple and easy-to-follow, but it will still require a commitment from you.

Your success is directly related to your effort.

The good news is, if you have read this far you are very likely the person who is tired of being frustrated and overwhelmed and ready to feel more calm, relaxed and confident in growing your business while you enjoy your life even more.

With my program you will discover what is truly meaningful to you and how simple it is to work on the tasks it takes to grow your business while you also create time for your self care and personal relationships.





Would you like to:

  • feel less stressed by prioritizing your endless list of to-dos
  • reduce wasted time and energy
  • become more efficient
  • have more energy
  • enjoy life more including have a healthier lifestyle
  • have more time to be flexible and spontaneous when an unexpected opportunity comes along
  • feel relaxed about the future because you’ll be planning ahead for it
  • have more time with your partner




When you sign up for this effective program you will get:

  • Your welcome & prep packet
    • Your invitation to dive deep into your desires and reflect on your business goals plus what means most to you in your life
  • Personalized Action Plan
    • Following your half-day intensive you will receive a personalized plan so you can relax knowing what you need to be working on step by step
  • 12 private coaching calls
    • You will get twelve 55-minute one-on-one coaching calls over the course of your 90-day program to celebrate your wins, brainstorm your challenges, and overcome the things that are keeping you stuck. Your coaching calls will keep you accountable and on pace to reach your goals.
  • E-mail
    • Reach out for support outside of your coaching call and get personalized help on issues that come up during the week
  • Daily Accountability Tool
    • Think of this like a daily checklist for your goals – it will let you monitor in real time what progress you’re making so you can course-correct on a daily basis before things spiral out of control.
  • Exercises & Homework
    • Depending on your specific challenges and desires, you will receive assignments designed to overcome obstacles and keep you moving on the path toward success
  • Access to My Network
    • I have a vetted network of web designers, copywriters, virtual assistants, branding specialists, ads specialists, producers, mentors and other professionals who can help open doors of opportunity for you. Where it makes sense I can make introductions to help you make faster progress.


Here is what women have said after just one coaching call with me (and you will get 12 + a 4-hour intensive!)

I wanted to talk about how to encourage more commitment from my clients in order to generate more stable income in my business. Tara was thought-provoking, thorough, and comfortable to work with. I left the call with confidence in myself as a business owner and solid achievable ideas for growth. I was really satisfied with how it went. – Aislyn G, Fitness Trainer




I had initially signed up to work with Tara because I was curious about precisely what assistance a business coach could offer me … as a photographer, an artist, a woman living in countries not her own.  Tara immediately impressed me with her practical ideas of how I could move forward in my business, generating income and giving me freedom to continue developing all the ideas that I have.  Ideas that I could implement immediately, without complications. I cannot recommend her highly enough.  In a world awash with coaches, Tara stands head & shoulders above most I’ve followed over the years.  She has the life experience, an understanding of the multi-national life, as well as the intelligence and empathy that I believe this kind of work demands.  She has my respect. – Di Mackey, photographer

My coaching with Tara exceeded my expectations. I was able to clarify specific targets with a goal to create three new designs within the month.  I actually created five new designs! I also set up and sent out my first mailer to a preferred customer mailing list. As a bonus, I sold two of the new designs after Etsy featured one of my rings on their main page and I’m just about to make my monthly sales goal and we aren’t even half way through the month yet. So, I didn’t just reach my targets, I surpassed them! It’s always a little scary to expand horizons, but Tara helped give me the resolve to push through any fears and do the work.


I scheduled an Enlightenment Call with Tara to talk about my lack of joy and confidence in my work. During our call, Tara was uplifting and thought-provoking without being prescriptive or judgemental. She had a flexible and positive approach to my feelings. I talked about my stress about my short and segmented working times, and by the end of the session felt that I would have a new attitude toward time – asking myself what could be achieved in the time I had rather than having an inner dialogue about what is not possible.

Even though it was a short session, Tara helped me achieve the start of the turn around in thinking that I am looking to make. I felt the session was very strong and I felt supported in thinking through some topics that were difficult for me.

After our call, I took a step in my business that same day that enabled me to create a $100/month passive income stream.

It was very beneficial to have someone else think through my issues with me in a concentrated way and help me towards finding positive outcomes.”

– Julia Forsman, photographer


Would you like to talk it over to help decide if this is for you?

Schedule a complimentary discovery call with me to get all your questions answered. Together we’ll have a look at where you are in your business so you can decide if I’m the right coach for you.

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Think of where you could be three short months from now if you sign up today.

And then think about where you’ll be if you don’t do anything to change your state of overwhelm, lack of confidence and being stuck where you are.

Do you still want to be

  • unfulfilled
  • unfit
  • frustrated
  • stressed
  • disconnected from your partner and friends with no time to work out or take care of yourself
  • lamenting missed opportunities
  • procrastinating over the projects piling up on your desk
  • hungry for your dream with time slipping away from you
  • out of balance and feeling like you’re not doing enough to move forward
  • lacking the confidence because you aren’t accomplishing your goals
  • not bringing in enough money to grow your business

If you are ready to turn all of this around, sign up today.