by Tara Agacayak on January 25, 2011

The question was asked, “Why do all cities die while all companies survive?”

It reminded me of the question an English professor once asked us: “Why do languages die?”

And the answer is that languages die not when they aren’t spoken, but when they stop changing.

The things that die are things that cannot (or choose not to) maneuver or twist or bend or fit into new shapes.

Not just cities (or companies) or languages but also crafts and cultures and memes.

Contrast that with a language that lives.

It successfully incorporates the progression of ideas by giving them a place and a name.

Living languages are agile, dexterous and open.

They are democratic.

They lose control.

They adapt.

Adapting is a matter of taking the step right in front of you – away from stagnation.

It ensures your growth rather than your demise.

Are your steps moving you forward or do they keep you standing still?


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