Wonder Women Workshop

Have you ever heard yourself say:

  • I don’t have time for that
  • I’m completely worn out
  • I’m not feeling well
  • I can’t afford it

What if you did have the time, energy, health and money to accomplish what you desire?

How would your life be different?

If you are done with these statements preventing you from enjoying your life, it would be my great pleasure to lead you and a group of your friends in a workshop designed to teach you help you find more time, energy and money in your daily life.

Amazing things happen when women come together to listen and support one another. There is great wisdom in women’s circles and also great fun!

This workshop will introduce you to the concept of a wealth platform, one built on four pillars: an abundance of time, energy, health and money that is designed to help you fulfill your desires.

You and your friends will have the opportunity to spend two hours together discovering where you can find more time, energy, health and money in your life and use those resources to enjoy life more and contribute more of your skills and talents to the world.

During the course of the workshop, you will learn 12 easy things you can do right away for building your own wealth platform to support your personal fulfillment and professional success.

The cost of this workshop is $35 per person with a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 people.