What Makes You Brave?

by Tara Agacayak on July 20, 2017

powerful woman

I loved this article about women in tech until I read it more carefully.

Here’s the part that made my skin crawl:

“But they’re also able to be brave because, relative to women in other industries, they have some power. They can tell their experiences and know that, in most cases, it won’t put their livelihoods at risk.”

And here’s a different perspective that I’d like to propose – that no matter what industry you’re in – whether it’s Academia, Tech, Media, Entertainment – or wherever, you DO have power.

You DO have power.

And not just because there are an excess of jobs.

Your power does not go away when the jobs get scarce.

You don’t become less brave because there are less jobs.

Bravery – true bravery – is when things look scarce and bleak and awful and you refuse to tolerate it – even if there are no other jobs for you.

That’s bravery.

You refuse to tolerate the abuse because you don’t deserve to be abused – not because you can go get another job.

(And when I say abused, I am not just talking about sexual harassment, but also working after hours, sacrificing time with your family, not having time to care for your health – these are forms of abuse as well.)

You are brave because EVEN IF there were no other jobs in the world for you, you still DO NOT DESERVE to be abused, or neglected, or abandoned, or alone.

You have power because you were born with it.

It is your birthright.

And if you’d like to know how to USE the power you were born with, and be brave even when you don’t see the way through, please join me in the select community I’ve created for women who are willing to master their own power as leaders in their companies and leaders in their own lives.

Here’s your personal invitation

It’s free to join, but I have three questions for you to answer before you do.

I am delighted to welcome you – brave, courageous, powerful one.

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