by Tara Agacayak on June 28, 2011

A question I hear over and over again is: How much should I charge?

Macro Dollar by Chris Dlugosz

Recently I received an offer to sign up for a summer coaching course. This course promised six-weeks of one-on-one coaching with the goal of helping me achieve my grandest dream.

The price tag? $55.

I declined the offer.

If that’s her idea of thinking big, I thought to myself, that’s not grand enough.

Your prices should reflect the value you deliver – the change you bring to people’s lives, the problems you solve for them, the needs you satisfy…

I’m willing to bet that when you do what you’re good at, and when it’s something you love, you manifest the most amazing results of all.

The more amazing the results, the more you should charge.

Money is not something you earn, it’s something you generate.

And you generate it from the deepest parts of yourself.

That’s so, so valuable.

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