Today you are invited

by Tara Agacayak on September 7, 2017

Today, you are invited to slow down and get quiet.

To hear yourself breathe in and out.

To feel the soft, sweet beating of your beautiful heart.

You are invited to contemplate the tranquil waters of the sea and the gentle breeze that curls though the trees.

Today you are welcome to sit still and open your eyes to the beauty of each moment that has created the you that you have become.

To celebrate every miraculous step you have taken – whether forward or backward – that has brought you here.

You are invited to be gentle and to be easy and to be kind.

Today as you look around you, see the majesty of every single item in view – every pebble, speck of dust, rising mountain, and output of industry.

Every single thing you see was once an idea that has come to being.

And every single thing you see will transform and transform again to be and become again.

You and me and him and her and they and it and we.

All of us.

You dear precious soul.

You are loved today and every day.

In case you ever forget, you are invited to remember this.

And if you desire to have someone to sit and listen with you, please know you have a listening partner in me.

I can help you quiet down the world around you and slow down and hear the sound of your own voice.

So that you can make the decisions that help you take the next best step in your life and your life’s work.

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