by Tara Agacayak on February 22, 2011

One of the three things I plan to work into my life this year is how to be more productive.  

Toward that end, two weeks ago Rose invited me to explore ways to manipulate time to my advantage.

One of my conclusions was that if I flipped time on its side and lived moments vertically (by diving into them) rather than horizontally (by counting them linearly) that I’d experience time in an alternative way.


In this study by Daniel Gilbert and Matthew Killingsworth, it was found that people are least happy when their mind wanders – when they aren’t concentrating on what they’re doing.
Don’t you find that when you enjoy what you’re doing, time takes on a different quality? You don’t notice it passing because you are totally engrossed in doing something you love. And conversely, how meagerly time flows when you are doing something you hate.

Geneen Roth talks about enjoying what’s on your plate; concentrating on your food without distraction so you know if you even like what you’re eating.  

Like diving in to each bite.

To do what you love, you must first know what it is.

To know what you love, you must put it on your plate and experience it without distraction –

Giving yourself over to it completely.

How do you keep focused so you can get to the good stuff?


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