Conscious Time Management

The Conscious Time Management Intensive is designed to help you manage your time with more purpose and enjoyment.

We will work together to create a custom schedule based on what you value and what you desire.

More of what you love.

Less of what you don’t.

In this intensive, you will begin by learning about Wealth Platform principles – a supportive foundation you create to optimize your time, energy, health and money resources to fulfill your desires.

Building on that, you will unburden yourself of your to-do list, and together we’ll deconstruct your list to create a blueprint that you can use to schedule your time so you are less harried and so that you can spend your time doing more of what you want.

I’ll take your blueprint and create a customized schedule for you using Google Calendar.

Together we’ll review your calendar and adjust and make tweaks until it feels like it really represents your desires and supports the way you would like to be spending your time each day.

This calendar structure exists to support your desires and help you realize them leaving you more satisfied, fulfilled and energized on a daily basis.

No more burnout.

No more feeling like you’re running behind, out of breath and not getting anything done or having no time left for the things you truly care about.

You can leave it at that, or you can also get three months of follow-up support to ensure your schedule is still working smoothly and supporting you in your work and life.

Your Intensive Includes:

  • A Welcome Packet
  • Four Wealth Platform-Building Video Lessons
  • An Unburdening Brain Dump
  • A One Hour Brain Dump Review Session
  • A Customized Time Management Blueprint
  • An Individualized Google Calendar with Your Blueprint
  • A One Hour Google Calendar Review Session
  • Add Three Months of Telephone/Skype Coaching for Additional Support and Expansion


Conscious Time Management Intensive






Conscious Time Management Intensive + Three Months Coaching Support