The Most Famous Painting in The Netherlands Has No Value

by Tara Agacayak on June 26, 2017

In this video lesson from the Khan Academy, the scholars suggest that The Night Watch by Rembrandt is the most famous painting in the Netherlands.


So when we visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam we made a bee line to see this painting in order not to miss it.


As I was listening to one of the guides discuss the painting with a group of museum visitors, he was talking about the “escape plan” for the painting which I found fascinating.

If you look on the floor in front of the painting, there are panels that can be removed, and the painting can be evacuated safely.

Then the guide said, “This painting has no value. It will never be sold. It is a natural treasure.”

Even though it has sales no value, it is incredibly valuable in other ways – as a work of art, as a piece of history and as a draw to the museum where it generates revenue to name a few.


As I watched dozens of people file past this painting listening to their audio guides, art historians and teachers tell them about the painting and witnessed the two guards standing on either side of the painting, I thought about how valuable this painting really is, and what it can teach us about how to put the value on an idea we hope to turn into a lucrative venture.


What Money Actually Is

In this interview with Sean Croxton, Bob Proctor says that “Money is a reward for service rendered, the more people you serve, the more money you will make.”

My coach often says, “Money is currency and currency is energy.”

And so it follows that when it comes to serving others, the more you serve, the more energy you require in the form of currency or money.

Circling back to Rembrandt’s painting, when you look at the service this painting is rendering, and how many people it is serving, you can see that the more people who come to see the painting, the more money the painting is generating for the museum and its mission.


Monetizing an Idea

The same goes for your business idea, the more people you serve with your product or service, the more money you will make.

Money is your reward for the product and service that you offer.

It is a lot of the work I do with my clients, to look at their idea and see how to transform it into a sustainable business that serves others in a scalable way so they can serve more people.


7-Figure Business Plan

The clients I work with have ideas that will generate 7-figures in revenue within five years of launching their venture.

There are a number of things required to do this:

  1. Vision – Knowing what you desire to create, who you desire to serve, what your idea (link) will look like once you’ve brought it to realit
  2. Service – Having the desire to serve the world with a product or service that you create and turn into a venture.
  3. Sustainability – Developing your idea in such a way that you can deliver the product or service without burning out to the point that you have to stop.
  4. Scalability – Having a plan (link) in place that enables you to be of greater service, that is offering your product or service in such a way that it benefits more people.
  5. Determination – Being so passionate about your idea and the service it provides that you will see it through to completion and invest the resources – time, energy, financing – required to bring your idea to life.


Your Idea Has Value

If you have an idea that you would like to turn into a venture, and you see this idea generating at least 7 figures within the next five years, I’ve created a reference guide to help you take you from idea to result quickly and easily.

The Creative Launch Reference Guide cover image

This is the same four-phase methodology I use with my clients that I’ve broken down into a guide to help you determine where you are in this cycle and move you forward more quickly.

You can download your copy of the guide right here.

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