(Ten More) Things I’ve Learned Living in Turkey

by Tara Agacayak on July 5, 2010

I wrote the first part of this list (now lost) in 2008, six years after I’d moved to Turkey. Now, as we begin preparing for our move to the big city from the tiny town where I’ve lived my whole Turkish life, I decided to add more items to the list.

I have learned (con’t) …

Enjoying kunefe at Petek Pastanesi in Iskenderun

  1. the value of a summer house and
  2. the need to take some serious time away from work.
  3. that the ecstasy of kunefe can only really be enjoyed in Hatay (and do not talk to me while I savor it).
  4. how to play OKEY and backgammon.
  5. why it’s important to have dialogue with people who understand where I’m coming from
  6. how to tweet.
  7. what it really means to share.
  8. that my heart can be in two places at once.
  9. how to eat ice cream with a knife and fork.
  10. what it means to participate in an altin gunu.

If you look back on what you were doing two years ago, what have you learned? How have you changed?

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