by Tara Agacayak on July 6, 2011

Color Hearts by Inoc

I’m working with someone who is about to take a certification exam for a career she loathes.

You can see it in her face.

When I ask her what she loves, she replies, “decorating”.

“What if you pursued decorating?” I asked her.

And her face lit up at the possibility.

“There are two year programs to get licensed and you could start doing jobs now to build your portfolio.

“But I’ve already committed to this other career path,” she explained, the color draining from her face again.

“Pursue the current path, but find a way to start the decorating,” I encouraged her.

“When you think about how hard it will be, think about how happy you’ll be in two years after you’ve completed your training and are actually doing what you love.

And then think about what you’ll feel like in two years if you don’t start this decorating program.

Just start.

Starting is better than not starting.

Where would you be today if you’d begun what was in your heart a year ago? Two years ago? Ten years ago?

This is the start of your next ten years, get a move on.

If you aren’t sure how to begin, sign up for a free Enlightenment Session with me. You can make an appointment for that right here.

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