PAWI Coffee Breaks

The Professional American Women of Istanbul is a dynamic group of American and Canadian women in Istanbul, Turkey.

I started these virtual coffee breaks as a way to bridge the distance of this bi-continental city by gathering more often and getting to know our members.

The Linqto* space allows everyone to add their voice to the conversation.

A good chance to meet other PAWI members, share news, get support, ask questions.

PAWI virtual coffee breaks are PAWI-focused but not exclusive and anyone is welcome to attend our meetings. Ask me for an invitation to our next event.

To enter the virtual cafe:


Upcoming Event

Please contact me to schedule an event and we’ll get it on the calendar.


Past Events

9 April 2012: Kathy Hamilton

4 April 2012: Dorothy Waldman

30 March 2012: Yasemin Yusufoff

19 March 2012: Catherine Bayar

12 March 2012: Cat Jaffee

5 March 2012: Tara Hopkins

27 February 2012: Nicole Goksel

8 February 2012: Marla Kaya

1 February 2012: Kelly Hevel

23 January 2012: Kacie Kocher

19 January 2012: Katie Belliel Onan


I am no longer under contract with Linqto as is stated in this series of recordings, but I do own stock.

My greatest joy is encouraging people to share the beauty of their self-expression with the world.

I am grateful to Linqto for the opportunity to do this through their live web video platform.

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