Optimize Your Time

by Tara Agacayak on March 30, 2017


What would you do if you could optimize your time?

Optimize Your Time

It’s one of the top things I hear from people – if they can just get their schedule under control, or get their calendar under control, then they could _____ (fill in the blank).

What’s your fill-in-the-blank?

Would you spend more time with family or devote more time to developing a romantic relationship with someone?

Would you be more selective about clients you take on, or activities you participate in?

Would you stop feeling guilty about taking time out for yourself – to exercise, to read more for pleasure, or to work on a creative project like that book you’ve started, or photography, or painting?

When I asked this question in the Creative Impact Studio community, here is what people said:

  • find more/better clients
  • enjoy work/job/life/biz more
  • be more creative
  • feel more confident and powerful
  • have more money to reinvest in their business
  • make more money in less time
  • be a role model

And of the people I speak to in Creative Impact Sessions, here is what they tell me they would do if they could optimize their time:

  • work on getting promoted
  • improve their social life
  • devote attention to a romantic relationship
  • take time for things that nourish them (sports, photography, socializing with friends) without feeling guilty for taking time for themselves
  • spend more time doing things they enjoy and are good at
  • say no to things they don’t really want to spend time or energy doing

If any of these things sounds like you, and you find you’re easily distracted and have difficulty focusing, then you might enjoy this free training I’m offering in the Creative Impact Studio.

I’ll teach you the exact same process I go through with many of my clients to help them optimize their time so they can meet – and often surpass – their goals.

This is the same process I used with my client, a sociology professor, to complete her documentary project which has just won its fourth film festival award.

And it’s the same processĀ I have used myself to grow my coaching business by seeing less clients, but making more money thereby allowing me to serve them better.

And it’s also how I was able to make the most money in my business the same month I took a 10-day vacation and attended a number of social events.

If you’d like to learn how to enjoy your life, work, job, and business more, and do it by working with more and better clients, then I invite you to join the Creative Impact Studio community to get access to this training.

How would your life be different if you could optimize and organize your time better?

Let’s find out together!

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