How to use your network to launch your creative idea

by Tara Agacayak on May 25, 2017

Are you dreaming about a creative venture? pexels-photo-296878 (1)

One that brings you recognition for your unique background?

Or a venture that generates a significant amount of income?

Or one that allows you to satisfy your creative self-expression?

If you are in the beginning stages (i.e. the idea stage) and you would like to take some steps forward and see quick results, you might like this training I gave on how to use your network to launch your creative venture.

So, if you want to:

  • Bring in income quickly
  • Bring on clients fast
  • Get invited to speak on your topic of specialization
  • Land your first contract
  • Pilot test your idea


Then watch this training video for the four-step system that can help you tap into your network to get you up and running quickly.


Networking for your creative venture

This is the same system that I’ve used to consistently grow my coaching business over the past nine months

I developed this system by watching and learning from my mentors and working with 6- and 7-figure coaches.

And it is the same system I use with my clients who are doing things like:

  • Launching art-promotion businesses
  • Developing a line of high-end accessories
  • Growing photography businesses that exceed income goals
  • Building high-end coaching businesses
  • Expanding health-based service businesses
  • Establishing recruiting businesses
  • Producing award-winning films
  • Launching top-selling books
  • Establishing multi-million dollar investment funds

When you use this four-step system, you will be able to grow your venture faster and develop a reputation sooner.

Perhaps your head is full of ideas to launch your own venture. You are excited and ready to take action, but you aren’t sure where to begin to get your first speaking gig.

Or you have a number of paintings in your collection, and you would like to organize an exhibition, but you don’t know who to reach out to first.

It might feel like the options and ideas are numerous and your head is all over the place, so you can’t really make a plan to get started – as excited and motivated as you are.

Not to worry!

Follow these four steps to put your ideas into a plan, and your plan into action.

Watch the video training here.

And if you’d like a personalized help with any of the steps I teach in the video, sign up for a creative launch planning session. We will review where you are in your launch cycle, and I will give you my advice on what you can do to move yourself along in order to launch your venture. Contact me to set up your session.

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