by Tara Agacayak on March 22, 2011

When you embark on the path to do what you love you will no doubt encounter a number of challenges akin to trudging through thick, dense snow in the dark of winter. 

Some of these challenges might include:

  • naysayers (people who’ll say you can’t do it)
  • skeptics (people who don’t believe you can do it)
  • temptation (to go for easy money doing something you hate)
  • doubt (that what you want is even possible)
  • failure (repeatedly)

With all that discouragement it is highly likely that you will lose sight of your vision completely. But then, just when you’re ready to give up, something will happen to give you hope.

Last week that happened at the exhibit opening of a client who had participated in a workshop I collaborated on a few years ago. When I told her how amazing her exhibit was, she told me she couldn’t have done it without the training or encouragement we’d provided.

Though we conducted that workshop as volunteers, I realize now the work we did was a mere seed that is now bearing fruit.

And surely no accident that the realization coincides with the vernal equinox … just as things are beginning to bloom.

What are you doing now that you hope will blossom in the year to come?

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