Five Reasons You Can’t Put Together a Proper Business Strategy

by Tara Agacayak on June 15, 2017

When I did a poll in my community and asked them why they are stuck in the Idea Phase of launching their creative idea, one of the top reasons they gave is because they lack a strategy for how to make it happen.

You Know the What, but not the How.

They tell me they want to organize destination retreats and workshops, but they don’t know how to find people who will pay for them.

They say they want to promote and sell their line of eco-friendly and socially-conscious clothes and accessories, but don’t know how to communicate to their followers without feeling like they are selling all the time.

They come to me with an idea for a new line of fashion accessories, but they don’t know how to get started.

Their idea – their vision – for what they want is very clear, but how they will do this is a bit more nebulous.

Perhaps this is true for you as well.

It is common for idea people to be very clear on the idea for what they want to create, but it might not be so clear how they will create it.

This is often the case for the visionaries and trailblazers that I work with.

If it’s true for you too, please read on.

I’m going to share with you five different ways you might be preventing yourself from putting together a proper business strategy for launching or scaling your venture, and then I’ll give you one simple strategy you can use today to move forward despite a lack of strategy.

This all comes from a 30-minute training I gave to my community. Join the community here, and watch the training here.

Why You Can’t Put Together a Proper Business Strategy

  1. You don’t know how to put all the ideas in a step by step plan
  2. You don’t know what to do first
  3. You don’t know which plan or step is the best
  4. You don’t have the skills & experience you think you need to enact the plan
  5. You don’t have the answer to a question or you lack information for something a few steps ahead

One Strategy You Can Put in Place Right Now

The one strategy that you can use to cut through the problems I’ve listed above is just take the step in front of you.

In this training, I tell the story of how I learned this simple strategy.

I was doing business development for a tech startup who wanted to bring their product to the Turkish market.

I’d never done business development on this scale before, and I was stuck in my head – in my ideas – because of all the reasons above.

I had a number of groups I thought could use the product, but I wasn’t sure how to approach them, which one to begin with, which one would be the best.

I didn’t think my Turkish skills were strong enough, and I wasn’t sure how to work around this.

I could see that after I did product demos, there would be questions and problems that came from potential customers that I didn’t know how to answer.

After dragging my feet, and delaying action, my mentor said to me, “Tara, just go use the product. People just need to see you using the product.”

And once I started doing that, it opened up interest, opportunity, conversations, and I could see each next step.

Things began taking off.

Don’t Let a Lack of Strategy Keep You from Your Dream

I put together this training, and wrote this article because I want you to know what it feels like to hold your destination retreats, and get your designs into the hands of the right customer.

I want you to know what it feels like to have freedom of running your own business, generating more income, making more impact, and developing a reputation and getting recognition for this creative idea of yours.

I want you to know what it feels like to be so excited by a dream, and make it happen rather than watch on the sidelines while other people live the life you want.

Just take the step in front of you.


Launch Your Creative Venture Today

If you want more help to launch your creative idea into a lucrative venture, grab my free Creative Launch Reference Guide. I designed it so you can evaluate where you are in the launch cycle, what might be keeping you stuck, what you can do to move forward, and when you might need to reach out for support.

You can get your copy right here.

Just take the step right in front of you.

This guide will help you do that.

Best wishes on your venture!




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