Why You Need Fear to Make You Successful

by Tara Agacayak on June 29, 2017

You have a big idea.

You have LOTS of ideas.

(Visionaries typically do)

The problem is you also have some fears and doubts.

And those fears and doubts are keeping your awesome, inspiring, life-changing, high-impact ideas in your head.

Nothing is getting done.

You are not moving forward on a single idea.

The life that you could be living is just a dream.

And instead, you are:

  • Stuck making money for someone else
  • Stuck working on someone else’s schedule
  • Stuck being invisible and unrecognized for your skills and your potential
  • Stuck watching other people live the life you want


In this article, I will share with you a list of common fears and doubts that keep people stuck so that you can see how normal you are.

I’ve experienced these myself, and they have come up for my clients too.

I will explain why these fears and doubts are necessary to your success.

And I will share two beliefs you can adopt to help you hold the fear and doubt and still move forward with launching your idea.

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Get Over It


Common Fears & Doubts That Are Completely Normal

It is important for you to know that the fear and doubts you have are normal.

What that means is that everyone has them.

And if everyone has the same fears and doubts, and they succeed in what you desire to do or create, it means that you can succeed too.

If they can do it, you can do it.

If it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • You have a fear about whether or not something is possible
  • You see other people living the life you desire, or building a business you want to build, but you doubt it’s possible for you.
  • You’re afraid you’re not good enough or your idea isn’t good enough
  • You’re afraid spending time on this idea isn’t a good/smart/lucrative way to spend your time
  • You’re afraid to change direction if you’ve invested a lot in one idea
  • You’re afraid to leave your comfort zone
  • You doubt you have the capital to invest in your idea
  • You fear you don’t deserve success
  • You doubt there is enough of some resource for you to succeed (you fear there’s not enough money, customers, time, market share, health, energy) for you.
  • You have limiting beliefs about money and you are afraid you don’t have what it takes to make more than the minimum to just get by
  • You fear the unknown, especially if its something you’ve never done before
  • You are afraid because you don’t know what to expect
  • You are afraid because you don’t think you have what it takes
  • You’re afraid because you’ve tried in the past and failed
  • You’re afraid you’ll burn out or get sick if you have to work too hard
  • You’re afraid you won’t have time for your family or your relationships will suffer
  • You’re afraid you’ll be alone
  • You’re afraid you’ll face judgement or criticism
  • You fear being harmed or you feel like you’ll be unsafe
  • You’re afraid you’ll fail
  • You’re afraid you’ll succeed
  • You’re afraid you’ll lose friendships
  • You’re afraid the stress will give you wrinkles and grey hair
  • You’re afraid it will take too long

Do you have any of these fears or doubts?

I know that I’ve experienced most of these, and some come up when I step into a new level, a new role, or try a new skill.

My client Chaz experienced the fear of the unknown when he left his career in the mortgage industry to launch a men’s fashion brand.

My client Zeynep had to confront fear of the unknown when she made the unconventional decision to produce a documentary rather than take the traditional path of writing academic journal articles.

Both of them transformed their fears, as I will soon explain, and ended up exceeding their goals rather than let their fears stop them.

If they did it, so can you.

But first, read about why your fears and doubts are essential to your success.

Why Your Fears & Doubts Are Necessary for Your Success

Fear is a belief.

And a belief is just a thought that you think over and over and over.

Fears serve the purpose of keeping you safe.

For example – your fear of fire.

You know that fire can be harmful if you get burned, or if you inhale smoke, so you learn to avoid fire to keep yourself safe.

However, if you had a baby trapped inside a room behind a wall of fire, you would transform your fear into action to figure out a way to rescue your baby.

Even though you know fire can harm you, you are willing and committed to a solution to overcome the fire to reach your goal.

When fear no longer serves you, you can transform it.

You do this by questioning the fear – questioning the belief.

When the belief no longer serves you, ask yourself if it’s true.


Fear: I’m afraid there aren’t enough customers in the world for me to build a successful jewelry business.

Question: Does this belief serve me?

Answer: No, it does not serve me because building a jewelry business is my deepest desire. I desire to make beautiful things for people to wear and have control over how I run my life and my business.

Question: Is it true that there are not enough clients in the world for me?

Action: Go do market research in the area you desire to build a business around.


Do you see in this process that when the desire is stronger than the fear, you can transform it.

And when you get to the point where your desire is stronger than you fear, it strengthens your resolve and your commitment.

This is essential to your business.


Because things don’t always go smoothly, and when the going gets tough, your resolve and your commitment will carry you through.

You need your fears and your doubts to wake you up to your true desires.


Two Beliefs You Can Adopt to Hold Your Fear & Doubt And Launch Your Idea Anyway

As a certified coach, I am trained and experienced in helping people transform ideas into businesses.

Not only do I help other people do this, but as a business owner, I am also doing this for myself.

Here are two fundamental beliefs that I hold that you might also find helpful as you work on transforming fear into action.

Your desires are meant for you

It is my belief that you are never given a desire without also being given the power to make it come true (Richard Bach said this beautifully). I don’t belief you are given a desire as a “tease”, but as an impulse to go and make the desire a reality. When you believe, and get it in your bones, that your desires are meant for you, you see that the universe is set in motion to support you. You will get that there is enough money, time, energy, health, clients, etc. and that the universe is abundant and ever-expanding.

Things happen for you, not to you

And since the universe sets in motion to support you, everything that happens in your life is for your benefit. Even the things that feel like obstacles or annoyances or tests or trials are only meant to guide you and give you direction.

Your desires are meant for you.

Your fears are normal.

And when your fears no longer serve you, and when they prevent you from turning your idea into reality, they can be transformed into different beliefs.

How to Transform Fear & Doubt Into Action

There are so many ways to transform fear.

Coaching is one way.

You can use therapy, sports, journaling, meditation, EFT, NLP, role play …

Once you decide you are ready to make a change in your life, the tool to help you will come forward.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears!

The universe is setting itself in motion to help you create what you desire.

And it is my mission to help people turn their ideas into reality.

Sometimes this means transforming fear.

Oftentimes it is something as simple as taking the desire and putting it into a plan.

When my clients see the step by step plan we put together, their fear of the unknown disappears because they know exactly what to do next.

They see their path before them.

This is what happened for Chaz. According to our plan, he was going to quit his job in a year. But once we mapped out his path, he quit his job 11 months early because he could see how doable it was to reach his goals.

And once Zeynep got the plan for how to complete her documentary on time despite having to learn to do something she’d never done before, she ended up winning five international film festival awards and her film will soon be broadcast on PBS.

It is my belief that the ideas you are given are meant to make your life better – to make all of our lives better.

The ideas you have – when you make them a reality – will make our world better by making it healthier, happier, more beautiful, more peaceful, more educated and more fun!

Your ideas matter.

To help you take your idea and transform it into results, I’ve created this free resource for you.

It’s called the Creative Launch Reference Guide, and it lays out the exact four-phase methodology I use with my clients to help them transform their ideas into results.


The Creative Launch Reference Guide cover image


You can download it for free right here.


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