Expat Women, Creative Entrepreneurship & Social Media

by Tara Agacayak on January 5, 2010

My friend and colleague Anastasia Ashman and I collaborated on this article for ExpatWomen.com. The article discusses how, as expat women and creative entrepreneurs, we use different social media tools and applications to expand our businesses and platforms.


  • A summary of why social media is useful to people with mobile careers
  • An example of using social media tools for online business models
  • A study of using social media to build your author platform
  • A list of social media tips
  • Some helpful resources

Anastasia and I have worked together on a couple of projects resulting in this Slideshare presentation on using social media professionally as well as the development of this LinkedIn group for creative entrepreneurs. Yesterday I mentioned my intentionto develop myself professionally and raise my projects to the next level. Social media has been a large part of that for me as has collaborating with others.

What things have you done to raise the bar for yourself?

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