Do you have a test coming up?

Do you need more practice in order to communicate comfortably with your international colleagues?

Do you want to speak with ease and confidence?

I am a native English speaker and would love to help you improve your conversational language skills.

We will work together so you can accomplish your professional goals.


  • I have a warm, encouraging approach which puts you at ease and helps you speak more comfortably.
  • I am goal oriented and committed to your success.
  • I am an American who has lived in Turkey for over ten years, so I understand Turkish culture and the importance of international relations.
  • As an entrepreneur I understand business development and the importance of good communication skills in building relationships.

Your success is important to me. If you are interested in reaching your goals by improving your English speaking skills, please contact me so we can discuss your objectives.

I look forward to working with you.

Email me for rates and availability.