2019: Go Global Advisory

  • Helping investors and entrepreneurs meet their goals of going global through events, networking, deals and partnerships.

2018-2019: Keiretsu Connect Implementation Specialist

  • Helped the Keiretsu Forum of global angel investors implement their strategy to onboard 50+ global chapters to a new technology platform including chapters in Australia, Canada, India, Israel, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, South Korea, Prague, Dubai and Istanbul as well as chapters in the United States

2013-2018: Consumer Market Research and Intelligence Turkey Field Associate for Mintel

  • Shopping researcher for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) component of the Global New Products Database (GNPD). Research and purchase new consumer food, household, healthcare, drink and beauty products in Turkey. Translate product data from Turkish to English, write product descriptions, upload product data

 2014: Project Manager and Developmental Editor for Socio-Cultural Book Tea in Turkey

  • Analyzed client requirements and developed project plan to help client achieve writing goals by deadlines. Added value by researching trends in publishing industry, building network and designing social media strategy to promote book, increase exposure and build author platform to connect with target audience and publisher. Presented new ideas to author for book content. Sped writing process from years to months to reach end goal quickly.

2011-2014: Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer at GlobalNiche

  • Curriculum development, marketing, global community development, social media training, organized live web events, video editing, blogging

2011-2012: VP of Business Development for Linqto Turkiye

  • Entered consulting agreement with Linqto to promote Linqto use from Turkey, sought partnerships and alliances in Turkey, offered Linqto training, organized live web events using Linqto, marketing.

2003-2011: Owner/Operator at Citara’s

  • Established online microbusiness, handled supply, distribution, marketing, customer service, logistics, finance and accounting, product development, vendor agreements.

1999-2002: Information Technology Specialist (Job Series-2210), GS-12 (reclassified from Manpower Specialist (Job Series-0301) in 2002)

  • Became Subject Matter Expert for three specific subject areas pertaining to DoD pay and personnel data, Designed a more efficient business process using better tools and managed team for implementation, worked on a team to restructure and standardize older data structures and processes into an organization-wide data warehouse environment, Received and shared technical training in the area of database design using ORACLE Designer software.

1995-1999: Management Analyst (Job Series-0343), GS-7/11; Hired under the Outstanding Scholar Program

  • Assisted Subject Matter Experts in receipt, processing, and archiving of Department of Defense (DOD) data, Developed understanding of business processes involved in providing management information support to DOD, Earned responsibility for managing data subject areas, Acted as liaison between DOD, other Federal Agencies, and external customers.