Don’t Quit Your Job

by Tara Agacayak on December 9, 2016



Are you feeling burned out, bored, or otherwise stalled in your work or your life?

You don’t have to feel that way.

This used to be true for a couple of my clients until they decided to start working on a creative passion project that satisfied their curiosity and desire to work on something personally meaningful.

They didn’t want to quit their jobs, they just wanted to feel more fulfilled.

Turns out, people with creative projects outside of their job report more job satisfaction AND those who do something creative every day may be improving their overall well-being.

I tell the stories of my clients’ transformation in this inaugural issue of Real Deal Magazine.

Plus I give you a short exercise to help you see how you can make your own life and career more fulfilling by tapping in to your values.


Real Deal Magazine is published by my Divine Living colleague Vickie Gould.

She’s a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Book Writing Guru, and Empowerment Coach and she’s running a very cool giveaway this month to celebrate the launch of her magazine for entrepreneurs who want to show up big in the world.

One of the prizes in the giveaway is a two-hour coaching intensive with me where you will get one on one support for goal setting and planning in 2017.

This is great if you are someone who wants to show up big, and then gets lost in the implementation.

You can win the chance for personalized help to create your very own 2017 Action Plan.

There are other prizes too, like a story course with Vickie, a style transformation workbook, inspirational wallpapers and more.

Check out all the prizes here.

If by chance you don’t win, you can still sign up for a 2017 planning session with me. I’m available to help you get in gear for the new year!






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