Tara Lutman Agacayak is a certified Coach with degrees in psychology and information technology as well as formal leadership training for global women leaders.

Her zone of genius is helping people tell better stories which help them exceed their goals. 

Better stories have helped her clients become best-selling authors, international thought leaders, award-winning film producers, and have helped people double and triple their business revenue.

For women leaders and those who are working to make our world better. When you request your invitation you'll get: 

Your personal invitation to join the Creative Impact Studio - Access to a global community of women leaders who share your values, challenges & who have a vision as big as you do. 

Free Access to the entire Creative Impact Studio Training Library - Attend free masterclasses & training plus get access to the library of training videos. 

Your copy of the Creative Launch Reference Guide

Membership Includes:  

Access to a global community of women who share your values and your challenges & who have a vision as big as you do. 

The opportunity to list yourself in the member directory and network with like-minded women leaders around the world. 

Exclusive invitations to participate in 'live virtual community events' each week including training and masterclasses. Hear from guest experts, get free laser coaching, and join live Q&A sessions.

Opportunity to focus on developing personal excellence & leadership mastery. Learn organizational and business development skills, how to build sustainable, scalable systems and improve your communications through storytelling. 

A chance for deeper exploration of leadership development, through private and group coaching programs. 

Join a Vibrant Community of Women Leaders

"I wanted 2 Things - For it to be broadcast on PBS and for us to get an award. Two out of two! Thanks Tara."

~ Zeynep Kilic, Sociology Professor & award-winning filmmaker of 'Tables of Istanbul'.

"Most remarkable, she challenges your perception and poses questions that bring a different and valuable persective!"

~ Conchita Franco Serri, CEO & founder of Caromi

You helped me in the process of having courage to set out to write a book & understanding my goals.”  

~ Elmira Bayrasli, Author of 'From the Other Side of the World' & a global thought leader.