by Tara Agacayak on May 5, 2010

Before she went on maternity leave, fellow ex-pat Amanda van Mulligen put out a call for submissions for her blog. The request was for posts describing the highs and lows of expat-life. I decided to write about how the lowest point of my life abroad was actually a gift that allowed me to reach the highest point.

In this post Amanda inspired called Lost and Found, I described how in the throes of an identity crisis I made a decision to find contentment and peace despite my circumstances. I don’t know if I would have come to know myself in the same way had I remained at home living life on autopilot.

What I do know is that I feel tremendous joy when I see how other people have found themselves. When I hear their stories of self-discovery or see them aloft their gift.

Some people find it early.

Some people find it late.

Some find it and lose it.

Some search for it forever.

Whatever their journey, when they’ve got it, you totally know it because you can feel it. It’s palpable.

It is a confluence.

A sweetspot.

The place where it all comes together; what the world wants and what you’ve got.

Did you know that if you make a wish today, it will come true?

My wish is that you find the self that you’re looking for.

My wish is that you find your sweetspot.
Because when I see you doing what you love – what you were made to do – it gives me chills.

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